Our Six Month Old Squishy

Oh my goodness, so much has happened this month!

Last month, Squishy learned how to sit up. Literally a couple of days after mastering sitting, he started pulling himself up in his playpen! He loves to stand and cruise now. He’s also a really fast and efficient crawler, so there’s no leaving him to play on his mat anymore because he will go where he likes!

Squishy is also a talker now! Well, he’s a babbler. Hahaha. Especially when we wake up together, we’ll kind of just lay there looking at each other and he will talk up a storm until he’s ready to go exploring again.


He’s been fascinated with his hands lately! I don’t know if it’s because Mikey would try to keep him entertained with his hands (puppeteering sans the puppet), but Squishy would sometimes space out and stare at his own hands while moving them slowly. Maybe he finally gets that he’s the one making them move! Hehe! But it’s funny to watch him do this because it’s kind of like he’s high.


We realized that the best way to keep Squishy from freaking out in his car seat, stroller, high chair, or even when we’re trying to put him to sleep is to completely ignore him and talk to each other. For some reason, Squish zones out while people are talking! When we’re in the car, Mikey and I will talk and Squishy will just stare at me and eventually fall asleep. He still gets restless sometimes, especially when he catches your eye. When that happens he pulls at my shirt to try to get me to pick him up.


Squishy still hasn’t gone back to sleeping all night. But I’ve noticed that there are times he can try to go back to sleep by himself. I think it’s because he’s more agile and he can shift his position to find a comfier spot. He still sleeps in bed with us, but this month, we decided to put him in-between us because he sits up to cry (while he’s still asleep!) at night. We’re worried he might fall over the ledge of the bed. So far it’s been okay. I’ve been ejected from my spot a couple of times when Squish feels like rolling around a lot in his sleep. I end up sleeping on the foot of the bed with one hand on his butt so that I can monitor his movement.


Our journey with solids is pretty uneventful so far. We’ve tried feeding him potatoes, lugaw, and some cabbage. But he doesn’t really like it so much. He kind of just plays with it in his mouth. Hopefully, if we keep going, he’ll like it more.


We’re so happy that Squishy is so happy. He loves to laugh. He laughs when I do a silly dance or make silly faces, he laughs when Mikey plays peek-a-boo with him, and he laughs when we make funny noises. Sometimes, he giggles when Mikey and I are laughing about sometime. And he laughs while he’s breastfeeding too. We noticed that Squishy really enjoys watching his own videos. If it’s a video of him laughing, he’ll start giggling.


Squishy still hasn’t exhibited any stranger anxiety. When he’s sleepy/cranky though, he generally wants to be with me or Mikey. And I think he knows who his grandmothers are.  He likes people! It doesn’t take him too long to warm up to someone. As long as you talk to him, he’ll give you a big smile.


This month has been really hectic for us—Mikey is very busy with the school play at work, I accepted my first work-from-home gig, and we attended a few social functions with Squish. The first one was a bridal shower I was helping to host. Initially, Mikey agreed to hang out with Squishy while I hosted the event, but he realized last minute that he had to work. So I co-hosted while carrying Squish. He was such a trooper! He didn’t cry at all and the ladies just passed him around while I ran the games!

The second event we went to was a wedding. I was a part of the entourage, so I had to have my hair and make-up done during the morning and sit away from Squish during the ceremony. I made sure to arm Mikey with two bottles of breast milk and Squish finished one during the morning while waiting for me to get my hair and make-up done. It was the longest I had ever been away from Squish! He slept through the entire ceremony and was sociable during the reception. He even sat in his stroller to let Mikey and I enjoy our main course.

It’s been such a relief to be able to leave him with Mikey for extended periods of time. For a few nights, I put Mikey on Squish duty while I had to work on my desk. It was kind of challenging at first, Mikey wasn’t used to having him alone for an extended period of time. So there were some bumps (literally and figuratively), but I’m so glad that we kept at it because Mikey feels more empowered to take care of Squishy by himself and I’m more confident in leaving them for an extended period.

Squish didn’t gain too much weight this month. The doctor says that it’s because of all of his activity and how it’s really time to start supplementing my breast milk with solids. Sigh. She put us on a strict solid food feeding schedule and I’m supposed to feed him solids before breastfeeding now. I’m kind of sad because I feel like I was just getting the hang of the whole breastfeeding thing, but I hope that Squishy gains more weight this month and that he starts enjoying solids more.

Still figuring out this whole parenting thing…

Mikey looked at me and said that he can’t believe that I’m a mother. I can’t either. It’s still too big to wrap my head around. Squishy is now 23 weeks old. We have simple plans to celebrate his half birthday soon and maybe I’ll magically have my act together by then. But for now…


…I’m kind of enjoying this strange stage–imperfections and all. I’m the disheveled woman who gets to take care of the squishiest baby on earth!

Oh! And I just accepted my first real paying work-from-home gig. Gah! I hope it works out!

Our five month old Squishy

Squishy only gained one pound this month. 😅 He weighed in at about 17 lbs during our doctor’s visit yesterday.

Sleeping Squish on our way to the doctor.

My goodness, what a month it has been!

The 4-5 month sleep regression kicked in and I had to adjust to nursing at night and sleepy days.

5 AM in the morning. Please fall asleep again, baby.

Squish already knows how to roll over both ways (back to front and front to back) and almost simultaneously, he learned how to sit up on his own. 😱 I don’t know if he wakes himself up because he’s turning over and sitting up unconsciously or if he wakes up and just does that naturally. Sigh. Hopefully, we’ll go back to our lovely full night’s sleep soon. 😵

img_0941But I think the best thing about him sitting up is that he can entertain himself for much longer n
ow. I can leave him in his playpen and take a bath and do some chores. During sleepy mornings, I can put him in his playpen and “half sleep” while he plays for 20-30 minutes. It’s liberating!

I feel like active crawling is coming soon because he already loves climbing! We had to lower his co-sleeper and his play yard because he started propping himself up on the ledge and could easily jump out. Gah!

img_0906Changing him is a challenge now! Especially after his baths! I think he gets restless because he’s so patient while we’re bathing him. So by the time we’re drying him off on the changing table, he’s ready to play again. Changing him is now a two-man job!

Apart from the leaps in his gross motor skills, Squishy is going through a shrieking phase, especially when he’s being carried by someone who isn’t me! It’s funny because he’ll kind of shriek, but his face is totally calm. He does it when he’s excited and when he’s bored. 😅 Hopefully, it’s just a phase!

While he has some interesting mood swings now (there was one day where he seemed quieter than usual and he didn’t want me to put him down 😅), he’s still generally a happy baby. He loves to smile and he laughs more easily now. Before, he would laugh if you made funny/startling noises (“bah!”). But now, he laughs when we tickle him, sing with him, or when we make funny faces.

Our happy baby! ❤

He’s growing up so fast! I feel like he’s a different baby after every nap!

During our last doctors visit, she told us that our 22 week old Squishy was ready for solids. 😭 She told us that the new recommendation is to introduce food earlier (as opposed to the old recommendation of 6 months) so that the baby is exposed to potential allergens and they can build resistance against it. I thought we had about a month to prepare for this, so now I’m a little stressed! Apart from the additional food and bottled water that we will need to buy regularly, we still don’t have a high chair or sippy cups. Gah. It’s all happening too fast! And I hate being underprepared.

Hello from our sloppy kisser. ❤

Mikey and I agreed to take it slowly though. We’ll get everything we need this week and start next week. But I’m still a little sad. It’s happening so fast! 😭 This morning, I put on a 9 month old onsie on him for Valentine’s, and it fit perfectly. 😭

While I’m excited to introduce Squishy to the world of food (we love eating!), I will miss how intertwined Squish and I are. I can’t believe that he’s five months old already. ❤️

Sleep Regression

I’ve been up since 4:00 AM and it’s a Sunday. 😳 It’s been like this for the past couple of days. Squishy used to be able to sleep through the night, but a few weeks ago he started waking up every 1.5-2 hours and on bad nights, he would fuss every 30 minutes. In the past, breastfeeding would work like a charm. I would feed him as soon as he started fussing and he wouldn’t even wake up. But these last few days, I would try breastfeeding every time he fussed and it would calm him down during the feed but he wouldn’t settle down after. I accidentally put him on my chest while attempting to switch positions and he fell asleep! Now, whenever he fusses, the only way to calm him down is to put him on my chest and let him sleep on me. 😥

I’ve read about sleep regression,  but I thought that it just meant extra nursing sessions. Sigh. I’m so glad I came across this post on 4-5 month old babies. It exaplains a lot! Basically, Squish is fussier these days because his skill level is not yet at par with his will/determination. There’s so much he wants to do but his body isn’t there yet. 😅 I love how the author reminds us:

“It may be hard parenting a 4 or 5 month old, but imagine how hard it is to BE a 4 or 5 month old?!”

So Squish, your sleepless Momma is here for you.  ❤ I will just drink more breastfeeding coffee to keep up with you during the daytime.

Squishy will be 21 weeks old in 2 days (and 8 more days til his 5th month). Please send us happy thoughts until we see the end of the 4-5 month old tunnel.

There’s finally enough sunlight in the room to take a photo. 😅

We hate eczema.

Sigh. It’s hard not to feel like a failure when there’s something wrong with your kid. Squishy has eczema. 😦 We’re tying to figure out what triggers it. We’re going to start handwashing all of his clothes. And we need to start using baby friendly detergent for our laundry too. Sigh. 😦 I’m going to try to limit my dairy intake in case he’s reacting to my breastmilk. Hopefully when we go back to our dermatologist in two weeks, all will be well.

But for now, I am thankful that our boy is still happy and generally healthy. ❤ Here’s out chub chub at 18 weeks and 6 days:


Our four month old Squishy

Squishy didn’t gain as much weight this month. During our last doctor’s visit, he weighed in at 16.01 lbs. it’s probably because he’s spending his calories rolling over. 😅


We really saw an improvement in his hand-eye coordination! Squishy can now grab things and put it in his mouth easily. He can also reach for objects he’s interested in (like making his turtle sing). The only draw back is that he now grabs our glasses, pulls my hair, and keeps knocking over things in his changing table. 😅


I first noticed Squishy’s interest in sitting up when he was on his donut one night. He grabbed my fingers and pulled himself up so that he was upright! Since then, we’ve been giving him some practice time by sitting him up and letting him practice his balance. He can sit unsupported for a minute or so before gravity gets him. 😅 We’ll hold out on the bumbo seats because we want him to learn body awareness first.

We’ll start introducing food by 6 months, but he’s already starting to show some interest! When we eat, he sometimes joins by sitting on our lap or sometimes he’s in a carrier. He tracks our food with his eyes until it reaches our mouths. And when we pretend to give him food by holding it close to his mouth, he’ll open his mouth. It’s so cute!


Squishy loves mirrors! When we hang a baby safe mirror on his car seat, he’ll talk to his image for a while. Also, whenever we’re near a mirror, he’ll smile at himself or try to grab his image in the mirror.

Squishy has always been a smiley baby! Even when he was under the weather, he would smile all the time! He smiles in his sleep and when he feeds. But this month, he’s been more generous with his giggles and laughter! When we attack him with kisses or cuddles, he’ll giggle and laugh! It’s the best! He also likes it when we bounce up and down with him. ❤

He also discovered his feet this month! He pulls off his socks and tries to get a foot in his mouth when he can!

He still sleeps best when he’s on the bed with us. 😅 He’s slept through the night a couple of times, but most of the time he’ll stir for at least one feeding. But he’s asleep while we feed. I just roll him back to bed when he unlatches. When he naps though, I found out that he will sleep for an extra hour or so if you let him hang on to your hand or your shirt. Sometimes, he’ll just put his hand on our tummy. I think he sleeps better when he knows that we’re nearby. ❤

Over the holidays, we’ve been out and about with Squishy. It’s still a production number to leave the house with a baby, we need to learn how to simplify our diaper bag! There are days when it’s easy (like when Squishy magically falls asleep when we’re about to begin a meal) and days when it’s still challenging (when he’s fussy and uncomfortable somewhere).


But all of our outings helped me become more confident in taking Squishy out with us. Squishy enjoys his stroller now that we have him sitting in it like a big boy (we don’t use the car seat on the stroller anymore). As long as we keep moving, he doesn’t fuss! But I’ve really been loving my k’tan carrier (and Mikey is also enjoying his piccolo side carrier). For some reason, I feel like he isn’t as “exposed” to the elements when I’m carrying him close to me. He also falls asleep quickly when he’s in a carrier.

After a few weeks of taking Squishy out and after visiting a few places, I generally go back to places with nice breastfeeding stations/nursing rooms. Squishy is at a stage where he gets really distracted when we’re nursing so it can be challenging to nurse him under my cape (when he isn’t sleepy the patterns on my cape become really interesting and as a result, he keeps unlatching), so there are times when I have to go to a nursing station so that I can nurse him without a cape. When we’re at home and when we’re nursing in bed, Squishy gets distracted whenever he hears anything. If it’s Mikey making noise, he’ll unlatch and start talking to Mikey. Some times, he’ll unlatch, look for the noise and then smile at me. 😅

I look back at all of Squishy’s photos and he’s so different already! Here’s a photo taken at the 13th of every month since he was born:

Top: September & October        Bottom: November, December, & January