Our five month old Squishy

Squishy only gained one pound this month. πŸ˜… He weighed in at about 17 lbs during our doctor’s visit yesterday.

Sleeping Squish on our way to the doctor.

My goodness, what a month it has been!

The 4-5 month sleep regression kicked in and I had to adjust to nursing at night and sleepy days.

5 AM in the morning. Please fall asleep again, baby.

Squish already knows how to roll over both ways (back to front and front to back) and almost simultaneously, he learned how to sit up on his own. 😱 I don’t know if he wakes himself up because he’s turning over and sitting up unconsciously or if he wakes up and just does that naturally. Sigh. Hopefully, we’ll go back to our lovely full night’s sleep soon. 😡

img_0941But I think the best thing about him sitting up is that he can entertain himself for much longer n
ow. I can leave him in his playpen and take a bath and do some chores. During sleepy mornings, I can put him in his playpen and “half sleep” while he plays for 20-30 minutes. It’s liberating!

I feel like active crawling is coming soon because he already loves climbing! We had to lower his co-sleeper and his play yard because he started propping himself up on the ledge and could easily jump out. Gah!

img_0906Changing him is a challenge now! Especially after his baths! I think he gets restless because he’s so patient while we’re bathing him. So by the time we’re drying him off on the changing table, he’s ready to play again. Changing him is now a two-man job!

Apart from the leaps in his gross motor skills, Squishy is going through aΒ shriekingΒ phase, especially when he’s being carried by someone who isn’t me! It’s funny because he’ll kind of shriek, but his face is totally calm. He does it when he’s excited and when he’s bored. πŸ˜… Hopefully, it’s just a phase!

While he has some interesting mood swings now (there was one day where he seemed quieter than usual and he didn’t want me to put him down πŸ˜…), he’s still generally a happy baby. He loves to smile and he laughs more easily now. Before, he would laugh if you made funny/startling noises (“bah!”). But now, he laughs when we tickle him, sing with him, or when weΒ make funny faces.

Our happy baby! ❀

He’s growing up so fast! I feel like he’s a different baby after every nap!

During our last doctors visit, she told us that our 22 week old Squishy was ready for solids. 😭 She told us that the new recommendation is to introduce food earlier (as opposed to the old recommendation of 6 months) so that the baby is exposed to potential allergens and they can build resistance against it. I thought we had about a month to prepare for this, so now I’m a little stressed! Apart from the additional food and bottled water that we will need to buy regularly, we still don’t have a high chair or sippy cups. Gah. It’s all happening too fast! And I hate being underprepared.

Hello from our sloppy kisser. ❀

Mikey and I agreed to take it slowly though. We’ll get everything we need this week and start next week. But I’m still a little sad. It’s happening so fast! 😭 This morning, I put on a 9 month old onsie on him for Valentine’s, and it fit perfectly. 😭

While I’m excited to introduce Squishy to the world of food (we love eating!), I will miss how intertwined Squish and I are. I can’t believe that he’s five months old already. ❀️


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