Our four month old Squishy

Squishy didn’t gain as much weight this month. During our last doctor’s visit, he weighed in at 16.01 lbs. it’s probably because he’s spending his calories rolling over. πŸ˜…


We really saw an improvement in his hand-eye coordination! Squishy can now grab things and put it in his mouth easily. He can also reach for objects he’s interested in (like making his turtle sing). The only draw back is that he now grabs our glasses, pulls my hair, and keeps knocking over things in his changing table. πŸ˜…


I first noticed Squishy’s interest in sitting up when he was on his donut one night. He grabbed my fingers and pulled himself up so that he was upright! Since then, we’ve been giving him some practice time by sitting him up and letting him practice his balance. He can sit unsupported for a minute or so before gravity gets him. πŸ˜… We’ll hold out on the bumbo seats because we want him to learn body awareness first.

We’ll start introducing food by 6 months, but he’s already starting to show some interest! When we eat, he sometimes joins by sitting on our lap or sometimes he’s in a carrier. He tracks our foodΒ with his eyes until it reaches our mouths. And when we pretend to give him food by holding it close to his mouth, he’llΒ open his mouth. It’s so cute!


Squishy loves mirrors! When we hang a baby safe mirror on his car seat, he’ll talk to his image for a while. Also, whenever we’re near a mirror, he’ll smile at himself or try to grab his image in the mirror.

Squishy has always been a smiley baby! Even when he was under the weather, he would smile all the time! He smiles in his sleep and when he feeds. But this month, he’s been more generous with his giggles and laughter! When we attack him with kisses or cuddles, he’ll giggle and laugh! It’s the best! He also likes it when we bounce up and down with him. ❀

He also discovered his feet this month! He pulls off his socks and tries to get a foot in his mouth when he can!

He still sleeps best when he’s on the bed with us. πŸ˜… He’s slept through the night a couple of times, but most of the time he’ll stir for at least one feeding. But he’s asleep while we feed. I just roll him back to bed when he unlatches. When he naps though, I found out that he will sleep for an extra hour or so if you let him hang on to your hand or your shirt. Sometimes, he’ll just put his hand on our tummy. I think he sleeps better when he knows that we’re nearby. ❀

Over the holidays, we’ve been out and about with Squishy. It’s still a production number to leave the house with a baby, we need to learn how to simplify our diaper bag! There are days when it’s easy (like when Squishy magically falls asleep when we’re about to begin a meal) and days when it’s still challenging (when he’s fussy and uncomfortable somewhere).


But all of our outings helped me become more confident in taking Squishy out with us. Squishy enjoys his stroller now that we have him sitting in it like a big boy (we don’t use the car seat on the stroller anymore). As long as we keep moving, he doesn’t fuss! But I’ve really been loving my k’tan carrier (and Mikey is also enjoying his piccolo side carrier). For some reason, I feel like he isn’t as “exposed” to the elements when I’m carrying him close to me. He also falls asleep quickly when he’s in a carrier.

After a few weeks of taking Squishy out and after visiting a few places, I generally go back to places with nice breastfeeding stations/nursing rooms. Squishy is at a stage where he gets really distracted when we’re nursing so it can be challenging to nurse him under my cape (when he isn’t sleepy the patterns on my cape become really interesting and as a result, he keeps unlatching), so there are times when I have to go to a nursing station so that I can nurse him without a cape. When we’re at home and when we’re nursing in bed, Squishy gets distracted whenever he hears anything. If it’s Mikey making noise, he’ll unlatch and start talking to Mikey. Some times, he’ll unlatch, look for the noise and then smile at me. πŸ˜…

I look back at all of Squishy’s photos and he’s so different already! Here’s a photo taken at the 13th of every month since he was born:

Top: September &Β October Β  Β  Β  Β Bottom: November, December, & January





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