First Squishy Days Unboxing Video

So, we spontaneously decided to record an unboxing video this morning. I apologize for my unkempt hair and house clothes, but we had so much fun doing this.

There are very few things that can perk me up before my first cup of coffee, but the cheap + books combo can definitely do it.

It’s kind of long (about 11 minutes), so feel free to stop watching when we get annoying. Hahaha.

This was our third shipment from We ordered it on a Tuesday and we got it on Friday. Pretty good turnaround time.

I’ve been reading about Charlotte Mason’s strategy of using “living books” as a learning tool, so I got really inspired and went on a book binge.

I have to admit though that some of our favorites don’t really fit into the “living books” category. I also don’t think that you can really use this tool across all subject matters. But Max soaks up so much during our read-aloud time, and dabbling in some Charlotte Mason seems like a fun way to shake things up a little.

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