Shocking the System (For Squishy)

A few weeks back, important race-related issues began flooding my feed. My first reaction was pretty selfish. I thought, “everything is so crazy. Is this something that I even have the mind space for right now?”

Almost instantly, I get an answer: my silly little three-year-old walks into the kitchen and asks for a glass of milk.

Yes. I should, at the very least, absolutely have the mind space for it. Because Max would not exist in this world if racism was something I was OK with.

So I’m really grateful that Stan agreed to share his experiences in Mikey’s podcast.
I spent years struggling with the reality of never being Chinese enough and, at the same time, never being Filipino enough either. I wish that I knew someone like Stan when I was growing up—someone who wasn’t afraid of starting difficult conversations about what it means to be Chinese-Filipino.

I am a proud Chinese-Filipino woman raising an amazing Chinese-Filipino son with my kick-ass Filipino husband. By no means are we perfect or exempt from having prejudices, but we have to try to be better.

These episode of Mikey’s podcast are our attempt to start a conversation with the hopes of becoming better.

Our language shapes our reality, so maybe it’s time to start learning new words.

If any of this resonates with you and you feel like talking about it, please don’t hesitate contact us! ❤ 

Episode 3|Episode 4

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