The sacrifice of fatherhood


I often have visions of our little family unit doing the nerdy things that Char and I already do together. I picture us having Uninterrupted Sustained Silent Reading (U.S.S.R.) Sundays together, with Squishy’s and my noses glued to comic books while Char reads Harry Potter for the 200th time. I picture the three of us snuggled up together in the couch watching a Star Wars marathon in preparation for Episode VIII. And, above all else, I see us watching live wrestling events together, disagreeing about whom to cheer and boo, but definitely having an incredibly good time.

In fact, Squishy already kind of watched wrestling with me and his mom just two months ago, during WrestleMania weekend. He seemed to enjoy Roman Reigns. (He’ll learn.)

Training our child in the way he should go in terms of geekdom is one of the things that Char and I are super excited about. In the process, we have been immersing ourselves even deeper into the things we geek out over. My impending fatherhood has opened up more exciting facets about my favorite things—I often pause my wrestling-watching now so that I can explain to Squishy who my favorites are, and why they’re good, and why, sometimes, his mom is wrong.

So you can imagine my excitement when it was announced that WWE is coming back to Manila for the first time in 9 years. And it looks like they’re bringing in the big guns, too—WWE Champ Roman Reigns, Sasha Banks, and Kevin motherfrickin’ Owens (my current favorite artistic performer of any kind) are prominently featured in the marketing material.

My heart raced as I scarfed down all the details I can. And then my heart screeched to a halt, turned around, and went home. WWE Manila is scheduled for September 9.

And Squishy’s estimated due date is September 8.

My mind raced (quickly past my sullen heart): Would it be possible to delay Squishy’s birth? Could a pregnant, any-day-now Char be willing to watch wrestling with me in a noisy, crowded venue? Would I be a bad human being if I left my wife and newborn child for a few hours so that I could watch my favorite artist?

Logic opened up my bedroom ceiling and her voice came crashing down on me: No, you idiot. No, you idiot. Yes, you idiot.

Squishy, one of my favorite things is coming to Manila for the first time in nine years. I will miss it completely, and it will totally be worth it. As much as I love wrestling, you are totally my hands-down, absolute favorite thing in the universe*.

And besides, the next time I’ll get to watch WWE live, you’ll be with me and your Momma, letting Roman Reigns know that he sucks.

* – next to your mom


I am a monster.

We were supposed to have our Doctor’s appointment last Thursday, but we asked to reschedule the appointment because of our misadventures last week. So yesterday, I went to the Doctor for the first time by myself! Mikey wanted to come along, but he couldn’t afford to miss any more work.

We weren’t expecting any big news this visit. It was just our regular monthly check-up and the doctor was supposed to explain the results of the Congenital Anomaly Scan (CAS). But, boy did we get big news.

I gained 10 pounds in one month. 😭 The nurse was so shocked that she made me check my weight twice. The Doctor was shocked too, but she explained that since I didn’t gain any weight in the first three months, the overall average weight gain was still within the normal range (about 4 pounds each month). She told me to try to keep it within the four pound range again this month. 😞

But still! 10 pounds! No more burgers or cupcakes or vanilla milkshakes for us, Squishy! I blame all the deliriously good food in Davao. I thought that it was okay to pig out because I was swimming a lot. Sigh. Oh well. 😞

Yesterday marked the beginning of our new and improved diet! Here’s what I had yesterday after the doctor’s visit:

  • Lunch: grilled chicken and one side serving of pesto (World’s Chicken)
  • Merienda: almond cream cheese pretzel sticks (Auntie Anne’s)
  • Dinner: Cesar’s salad and some of Mikey’s fries (TGIF)
  • Post-dinner: ¾ of Mikey’s peanut butter sandwich (I got really hungry after we watched Game of Thrones).

Wah. 10 pounds. I still can’t believe it.😱

But I suppose all of this really doesn’t matter because Squishy is doing great! ❤ The CAS results were great! Everything is where it’s supposed to be and everything is the right size. ❤ Squishy is a little over one pound! ❤ He might be arriving a little earlier than expected though. I’m scrambling to find the right play yard! Also, this is on my project list:


Mikey says we have to have one. 😅


By week 16, Squishy has already developed ears and as we enter into week 17 (tomorrow!), Squishy will be exhibiting the startle reflex when he/she hears loud noises!

Fetal movements become perceivable by the mother from week 16-25. For a first time mom, it may be closer to week 25 and for moms who aren’t new to the rodeo, they may feel it as early as week 13. These sensations are called quickenings and are often described as butterfly flutters or nervous twitches. I call them bubbles. It feels like there are bubbles in my belly. I can’t be too sure if it’s Squishy or gas, but it’s been happening often and when I lay really still, I can feel the grumblings with my hand. ❤️

Tonight, as I lounged on the couch with WrestleMania 32 in the background, I started to notice the bubbles when we would hear certain entrance theme songs (Undertaker, Kane, and Triple H)! Even Mikey said he thought he could feel it. He says that it could be the bass of the music. It could also have been the two slices of pizza, Charlie Chan, and bihon that I ate. Hehehe.

Whatever it was, I can’t wait for full blown kicks! ❤️

For now, we must educate Squishy:

These are the legends: Mick Foley, HBK, and Austin. NOT Triple H.