Squishy Nakamura

King of Strong Style.

Mikey is really into Shinsuke Nakamura right now. But I still think Squishy was trying to run away from the song (although, it does feel like he poses like this sometimes 😅).



The waiting game.

We are now at week 37, day 1! The doctor told us that I could go into labor from this point onwards until week 40. I almost can’t believe we’re here! At this point, Squish can gain about half a pound every week and it seems like he wants to because I’m hungry ALL THE TIME. 😱

I’ll also be at the hospital a lot until Squishy’s birth because I’m supposed to see the doctor every week, get an internal exam, and get a more detailed pelvic ultrasound. All of these will help our doctor figure out how close we are to giving birth.

During our last visit, the doctor asked me to watch out for the following:

  • Contractions that are 15 minutes apart
  • Mucus plug discharge
  • Bloody show
  • Water breaking
  • Decrease in Squishy’s movements

If any of these things happen, we go straight to the delivery room of the hospital. They’ll examine me and if I’m not ready to go into labor, they will send me home (and she said that that’s okay—better safe than sorry 😅).

I get really paranoid when I’m told to monitor Squishy’s movements. Every perceived lull makes me nervous. But so far, Squishy’s been moving regularly. He’s not as acrobatic as he was before (he doesn’t tumble as much), but I feel and see every shift and nudge now (I think it’s because he’s a big boy 😅).

Squishy really enjoys hanging out on the right side of my belly. My tummy is often lopsided. When Papoop is being too noisy (like when he won’t stop playing Shinsuke Nakamura’s entrance song), Squishy will move to the left side to get away from it (Mikey sleeps on the right side).

I think I’ve also had a few contractions, but maybe they’re more Braxton Hicks than the real thing. The doctor says that there are some women who have a high pain tolerance who don’t feel it at all. I don’t think I have high pain tolerance, but it doesn’t really hurt—it’s more uncomfortable, if anything. My tummy gets really hard, I feel some pressure in my pelvic area, and I kind of lose my breath. Mikey can tell because I suddenly stop whatever I’m doing, take shorter breaths, and try to sit up. After a minute or so, my belly becomes softer and I can breathe normally again. It happens a few times a day but definitely not 15 minutes apart.

Mikey pretends to be calm about everything. 😅 Every time I wince or grab my belly all of a sudden, you see the panic in his eyes for a few seconds and then he calmly asks me if we should go to the hospital already. 😎

Even though Squishy seems advanced for his age (when we read week-to-week development literature, Squishy always seems a week or two ahead of his age), we’re still hoping that Squishy decides to come out towards the end of week 38 or during week 39! I’d really like to finish a few more things at work and, more importantly, I want to make sure that Squishy is finished baking. ❤️

This season has been wonderful. I’ve loved carrying Squish and having all this one-on-one time with him. But I think that pregnancy was designed to get really uncomfortable towards the end so we’re not so nervous about the birthing process. 😁 I’m also excited to get rid of all this weight, the constant need to urinate, the edema, and the inability to sleep at night (although I hear that the sleepless nights in the third trimester is practice for the next year). 😅

I wish I could have a cheeseburger right now. 🐷

Six point nine

Six point nine pounds. Three thousand, one hundred, and fifty-five grams.That’s how heavy Squishy is at 36 weeks and 4 days. His weight is now officially above the 90th percentile of his age group. And his average ultrasound age is 37 weeks and 1 day.

We had another pelvic ultrasound yesterday and Mikey was finally able to see Squishy again! ❤️ His last peek was during the first trimester.

The doctor showed us Squishy’s face and she said that he was all cheeks! ❤️ (He really was! ❤️) Then she asked if my sugar was okay and I told her that my OGTT results were normal. She told us that everything looked good so far—there was a good heartbeat, he was an active baby, and I had good fluid levels! 😍

Our chubby little baby boy is doing great so far and we couldn’t be happier! 😁 The icing on our already deliriously delicious cake? We caught Squishy yawning! 😱 Chubby cheeked baby yawns are the best! 😍

I’m writing this in bed at 6:30 AM on a Sunday morning because, apparently, 5 AM is the new 9 AM. 😅 My routine now includes waking up just before 5 AM to pee. And for some reason (maybe it’s the party in my uterus or the pillow logistics involved in trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in), I can’t go back to sleep. 😅 It’s fine on weekdays because Mikey gets up at around 5:30 AM. So it’s actually nice to spend a little time together before he leaves and before I go back to sleep. But now, even on this supposedly lazy Sunday morning, I can’t get myself to seriously grumble about all the peeing and lack of sleep because all I can imagine is our chubby Squishy trying to make do with the little space he has in there:

“Momma, I’m sorry I hit your bladder again. It’s not my fault. My cheeks are so big.”


“Momma, I’m really not partying! I’m just trying to find comfy spot so that I can sleep too.”

I’m scheduled to see our Doctor tomorrow. Hopefully, we’ll be able to discuss our birth plan in greater detail. Technically, we haven’t gone over the weight limit she set for a vaginal birth. Fingers crossed! Although, the sonogram doctor said that babies tend to put on weight really quickly towards the end of the pregnancy. 😅 So there’s a chance that Squishy will be bigger by our due date. 😅

Last 11 Days

I’m sitting here in the fancy Felipe and Sons barbershop and haberdashery because Mikey is getting a fancy haircut and a shave. I think he’s also getting his shoes shined. I’m sitting on a comfortable leather couch, sipping a coke zero (this was the only non-alcoholic on the menu 😞), and I just finished sending a few reports out for work.

Classes were suspended again today because of the weather. While it’s not really rainy today, it’s pretty windy and the weather was bad all weekend (there was even a tornado in Manila! 😱). Yesterday, while we ran errands, Mikey and I tried staying on top of the news to wait for reports of class suspensions. For me, class suspension means that the campus gets closed down, suspending school and office work for the day.

Most of the time, it’s something that teachers, staff, and students hope for. On rare occasions, it’s a pain because meetings have to be canceled and rescheduled. I’d say, 90% of the time, it’s always a treat (especially when it’s announced early enough and before rush hour). I’m fortunate that Mikey and I are both in the field of education, so class suspensions usually meant impromptu dates/yay-we-get-to-see-each-other-sooner!

I got a little emotional yesterday when I realized that in a few weeks, I’ll only be watching out for class suspensions in Pasay City (where Mikey goes to work) and it won’t really matter if the classes are suspended in Manila (where my university is located).

Today, Squishy is 35 weeks and 6 days old. The doctor said that we can expect Squishy anytime from the 37th week onwards! 😱 I think everything is pretty much set. I’m kind of a mess in a good way! I can’t wait to meet Squishy and strangely, I also can’t wait to give birth already. I’m eager to regain my mobility and figure! But I’m also sad to say goodbye to the daily grind.

There are people who hate what they do and where they work. For the last 6 years, I’ve been immensely blessed to have a job that’s not only enjoyable but also challenging. I’ve also been fortunate enough to work in a university where the leaders have integrity and are excellent in their respective fields and where the leaders care about the greater good and not just the bottom line. I’m usually the stupidest person in the room and that’s always my favorite! I can just sit there and learn from all of these great people. It was an environment that was usually drama-free and the focus was always on the work. It has been wonderful. And I have a feeling that this won’t be the end. ❤️

One Day

All my life I’ve been waiting for
I’ve been praying for
For the people to say
That we don’t wanna fight no more
There will be no more wars
And our children will play

We pray for this too. ❤

Their Squishy is the cutest. I am sad that I have zero musical talent. Hopefully, our Squishy will inherit Mikey‘s musical inclination. ❤

Happy Friday, friends! ❤

Pokemon and Pregnancy

Pokemon GO was released in the Philippines last Saturday (August 6). We were at a breastfeeding workshop sponsored by our hospital, St. Luke’s Medical Center BGC, when I found out that it was available in the App Store. Mikey and I struggled with staying or leaving to play. We agreed to download the app and play after the workshop.

After the workshop, we headed out for a snack and after a merienda of overpriced hot dogs at Pink’s, we started playing! Mikey told me that if I wanted to get a Pikachu, I should ignore the first three pokemons that appear (I think it was a Charmander, a Squirtle, and one more) by walking away. I was supposed to do it three times and then a Pikachu would appear.

After walking away from the three pokemons the first time, I was tired. Like, I needed to sit down and catch my breath tired. It didn’t help that my edema was kicking in because we were seated for almost 7 hours during the breastfeeding workshop. I ended up settling for the Charmander.

Mikey, on the other hand, walked back and forth several times until he finally got the coveted Pikachu. He had to go up and down the block twice to finally find it.


While waiting for him, I sat on a nearby bench, sadly waiting for my phone to vibrate so that I could catch more pokemons, but my phone was silent. I was sad that I could not fully join the fun everyone else was having around me. I was also legitimately tired from the day. I felt like crying.

After Mikey found me sitting on the bench sulking, he said that we should go home after a quick errand in SM Aura. And so we did. I fell asleep as soon as we got into the car and I only woke up when we were a few blocks away from home.

I decided to open up Pokemon just to check. And I was surprised! Pokestops and vibrations! Yay! So there I was, comfortably sitting in our car while Mikey drove, visiting all the Pokestops and catching all the pokemons we met along the way.


Mikey asked me to help him catch some pokemons and collect from pokestops too, but I politely declined. He already has an unfair advantage over me—the ability to walk long distances. Hehe. (Editor’s note: It was not polite!)

So it all works out! I’m convinced that you can do pretty much what you want to do when you’re pregnant for as long as you have the loving (/begrudging) support of your spouse.

An added bonus: my University is a pokestop heaven and the students are so generous with their lures! Hehe! I caught over 40 pokemons this morning and I spent most of my time sitting in my cubicle. So much fun! 😀

My poke view from my cubicle.

To hear more about our little family’s Pokemon Go adventures and our sperm donor’s (and Mr. Sawyer Paul’s) thoughts on it, please listen to this week’s episode of You Chose Poorly.


I went for my 35th week check-up on Monday. It was a rainy day so everyone was running late and our nurse even got stuck on a broken MRT. She was only able to open the doors to the office at around 11:00 AM. I was there at around 9:30 AM because I was paranoid about the rain. Thanks to St. Luke’s free wifi, I wasn’t bored at all. Although, I wish I could’ve played Pokemon while waiting (there was no GPS on the third floor).

As soon as the nurse settled down, she weighed me and took my blood pressure. I stuck to my weight gain limit this visit—yay! But I also realized that I couldn’t see the numbers on the weighing scale anymore because of Squishy. 😅

When the doctor arrived and called me into her office,  she asked me how I was and how I felt (good and fine). She asked me to go into her little examination room so that she could get a sample to run a Group B Streptococcal antigen test (negative, yay again!) and check Squishy’s heartbeat on her Doppler (nice and strong even if I skipped breakfast! 😁 Yay times one million!).

After the examination, she explained that I needed to get a pelvic ultrasound, a complete blood count test, and a urine analysis before my 37th week visit. And then she told me that by the 37th (August 23) week, I could give birth at any time! 😱 I was so shocked because she told me not to pay attention to the ultrasound estimated delivery dates during our last visit. I thought she meant that we would be delivering after the indicated due date on the ultrasound report (September 1) and not before! 😱

As she was saying all of that, I tried my best to pay attention, but my to-do list started floating around the Doctor’s head: diaper bag, nursing bra, groceries for the week, dates with Mikey, present for our godson’s birthday this weekend, and achieving that Zen state that you have to be in as you approach the birth of your first child. 😳

She also said that the ultrasound on the 37th week would give us a better idea if we should go through a C-section or if we can still try for a vaginal birth. By that week, she will also draw up all of our admission papers so that we can go to the hospital whenever we need to.

After the doctor’s visit, I originally wanted to go home and rest. My edema‘s been starting earlier in the day lately and any extra bed time I get is always appreciated. But given the change in schedule, I decided to hustle. I took the free shuttle from St. Luke’s to Glorietta to try to get stuff off of my to-do list.

After a quick lunch, I went to Toys R’ Us to check out gift options for our godson. I found a couple of nice choices, took photos, and decided to wait for Mikey before I made a final decision. After Toys R’ Us, I waddled to Mothercare to check out nursing bras. My jaw dropped because of the prices. I knew that I would need at least two and the price ranged from Php 1400-Php 2,200 (USD 30.00-48.00). I wanted to cry. 😞 I decided to try my luck at SM to see if there were more affordable options.

I went straight to the undergarments section and stopped at the first brand I saw: Gigi Amore. I asked the sales lady if they had nursing bras and she answered: “Yung pang buntis?” [the ones for pregnant ladies?]. Dejected, I said, “No”. I explained that I needed a bra you could use for breastfeeding. Her face lit up and she said that they had some!

She led me to a small rack with a decent looking bras and they even had nursing tank tops! I found some in my size, tried them on, and they fit beautifully! The best part was that the bras were only Php 299.00 (USD 6.40) each and the tank top was Php 399.00 (USD 8.54)! HOORAY! I ended up buying two bras and one tank top. I wanted to get more, but I realized that my body might change after I give birth.

The bras are soft and it even comes with these feeding markers that you can hook on your bra to help you remember which boob you used last! Two bras and a tank top for Php 999.00 (USD 21.36)! 😍

After the department store, I went to Toy Kingdom to check out more present options. After that, I was officially pooped. I decided to get a drink at a nearby Mrs. Fields. As I sipped my low fat milk, I tried my best to sober up. Two weeks. 😳 TWO WEEKS. 😱

Two weeks is crazy fast. I thought I had at least four more weeks left. Even though I was still tired, I was motivated to get moving because there’s so much left to do! I decided to go to the grocery. I only needed pesto, tomatoes, penne, and maybe some cheese if it was on sale. But I realized that it would be a good idea to stock up on things so that we won’t go hungry after coming home from the hospital. I ended up buying four packs of pasta, sauces, snacks, and some extra toiletries.

When Mikey arrived, I finally let myself indulge in my tiredness. He carried all of my things and took over the birthday present and even made an executive decision to buy a daiper bag from Mothercare. Hooray for husbands!

Satisfied with our productivity (the only thing that was missing was the dates and that pesky Zen state), we decided to head home and have leftovers for dinner (Mikey’s yummy Kris Aquino adobo clone). I was also eager to go home because, for some reason, there was no GPS in Glorietta for me. So I could only play Pokemon in the car on the road.

After dinner, I happily packed Squishy’s hospital/diaper bag (clothes, socks, mittens, hats, diapers, blankets, and swaddlers).

Now all we need to do is to put all of our hospital bags in it in the car (my wheelie bag, Mikey’s duffel bag, and Squishy’s diaper bag) and install our car seat.

Before we fell asleep that night, Mikey said, “If Squishy is like you, of course he’s early! If he’s like me, then he’ll be on time lang.” 😅 Squish, just this once, can you be more like your Papoop? 😅