We have a two year old!

Baby Squishy Shark by Mikey Llorin

Max is 2 today! Everyone keeps warning us about the terrible twos (or says that the terrible twos seem to have come earlier for Max). Max certainly has his moments. And oh boy have we had our share of tantrums. But he’s becoming such a great kid. He’s so funny, curious, brave, and sweet. (Now if we could only get him to stop breastfeeding…) 

It’s funny, because I majored in Human Development Psychology and I worked in a great pre-school for over 2 years, so I have this idea of how Max was supposed to be at each age. He continues to defy my expectations. Every time I take stock, he’s always surpassed my expectations—and not because he’s advanced or anything like that (although Mikey will say otherwise), but because his strengths are so…different. 

Max isn’t really interested in shapes, letters, and colors yet. My mom mentioned more than once that his second cousins are shapes, letters, and colors Einsteins. Max, on the other hand, has only two favorite shapes: kul (circle, which he loves to draw and point out) and diamonds (which he makes with his fingers, just like in twinkle twinkle little star). But he’s not really interested in the other shapes. To Max, all letters are A, B or E.  Sometimes we can get an M and an X out of him. And everything is the color boo (blue). 

I think if I were a bit more neurotic, it would concern me, but he’s just so cute. 😅 

His, uh, unique development comes in the form of empathy. Specifically, empathy towards his animated friends. 😅 Max cries whenever there’s a sad scene in the movies/shows. Here’s a list of all of Max’s tearjerking experiences: 

The first time it happened, I thought it was a fluke and then it happened again. Max is able to understand enough of the story and empathize with the characters. 

It’s so fascinating when it happens, he starts tearing up and then he calls for me. He snuggles up and hugs me and then he looks away for a while. Sometimes he’ll break free from the hug, point at the TV, and say “bibi” (baby) while crying. I ask him why he’s crying, and I ask him if he’s sad or if it’s because the baby is wawa. And he’ll nod. I’ll try to reassure him that it will be OK. And he goes back to watching.

I’m sure that letters, shapes, and colors will come in time. For now, we love our two year old oddball. 

P.S. I need to finish my Osaka series, gah! Work + Max getting sick’s slowed me down a bit but I’m determined to finish because I don’t want to forget. 


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