Date Night

We still haven’t figured out how to go out without the baby. Honestly, I don’t know who to leave him with. We don’t really have household help and even though Squishy’s grandmothers love him to pieces, he’s kind of a handful now and they can’t handle him by themselves. Plus his newfound clinginess AND need for breastfeeding, Squish pretty much goes where I go.

That means date nights = Mikey, me, and the baby. Also, date nights usually go hand-in-hand with errand nights too. So, really, there’s very little romancing going on.

But we must keep on trying because it is of utmost importance that our marriage thrives. Here’s us trying tonight:

Squish fell asleep as soon as I strapped him in (hooray for easy car rides!). When we got to the mall at 7 PM, he was still asleep. Because he didn’t nap so well today, we felt bad about waking him up. So we let him sleep. We hung out in the parking lot until 8:15 PM. 😅

As soon as he woke up, we had dinner. Squish wasn’t into his dinner so he got food all over himself. We took turns feeding him and eating from our own plates. Then we went to the drug store, hardware store, and supermarket. I bought some face masks in the drug store and Mikey got some edge cushions for our baby proofing project.

Php 99.00 (USD 2.00) each from Watsons!

When we got home, Mikey gave Squish a bath and I put away the groceries. He installed some of the edge cushions while I nursed Squish to sleep. As soon as Squish fell asleep, I whipped out the face masks and we were pleasantly surprised!


The face masks had animal faces printed on them! So cute! I thought the animals on the packaging were just cute doodles! We were glad that Squish was asleep because it might have freaked him out. Hehe. Any date night that ends in cute silliness is a success! ❤️



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