I have a Squishy documentation addiction problem.

When I was little, taking photos and recording video were a big deal. The equipment was expensive and you needed film or video tape. The equipment was clunky and so was storage. My mom had photo albums, betamax tapes, VCR tapes, etc. The photo albums are fun to look through, but I don’t remember watching the recordings much.

It’s so different now! All you need is a good smartphone and everything you need is there! You can take as many photos and videos as you want (for as long as you manage your storage well enough).

According to my iPhone, I have taken 4,399 photos of my 8 month old son. This does not include videos. Or the photos and videos Mikey has of him. My social media posts are 95% Squishy related and just like the stereotype, it does seem like I’ve gotten rid of my old hipper* self and have become the one-dimensional mother who’s world revolves around her baby.

(I promise I still have a brain and interests outside my child. But I have to admit, it does take some effort not to make it all about him.).

I have to stop myself from posting multiple photos of him on Instagram every day (I try** to limit it to one photo upload on my personal account and one in my Squishy Days account). I upload over a hundred photos every month on Facebook to commemorate his monthly birthdays. I also have this blog (the last thing I attempted to blog about was office supplies).

But having the privilege of being around Squishy 24/7 makes me hyper aware of how different he is every single day. Heck, on some days, it’s like Squish is a different baby after every nap! Don’t get me wrong—there are days that feel longer than others, but on most days, it still feels like I was barely pregnant yesterday!

I’ve received a lot of (unsolicited) advice when it comes to Squish, but the one that seems to hold the most truth is that all of this goes by so quickly. So I take as many pictures and videos as I can and I write as much as I can because I don’t trust my brain to remember all of it.

So thank you, dear internet, for helping me document our journey with Squish. I think I’ll keep going until he’s old enough to protest. Hehe. As a token of my gratitude, here is a bouquet of toesies:


*hipper doesn’t really mean hip at all. I used to post a lot about Mikey, my dogs, coffee, and food.

**I try really hard, but there are days when I post more than one photo in each account. Hehehe.


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