Our seven month old Squishy

I can’t believe that Squish is seven months old already. This one was kind of a surprise. I used to be on top of his month-y birthday because I had this habit of reading weekly developmental write-ups but I got tired of reading because I’d have to skip forward a lot until I found a write-up that accurately described Squishy. Haha. I was still groggy when I realized it was his month-y birthday! He was playing with a half-awake Mikey and then I shot up and started singing to him.

Squishy is at such a great age right now. He’s so aware and present. Whenever we’re somewhere new or when there are new people around, he becomes quiet and observes before returning to his usual happy self. He doesn’t really have stranger anxiety yet (he’s cried a couple of times with his uncles, but I think he was also sleepy then). But he does look for me more often. Sometimes, when he’s with someone else and I leave the room, he’ll cry. But everyone still says he’s a friendly, smiley baby! I think that’s his super power—smiling! Haha. He’s so generous with his smiles and his whole face lights up. ❤


Squishy loves to laugh too! He still laughs and giggles at the classics—tickling, jumping, and peek-a-boo’ing. But we’ve noticed that he also laughs empathetically! When he’s in the playpen and Mikey and I are goofing off in the room and we start laughing, he’ll watch us and then laugh with us also. It’s the cutest thing! But he doesn’t seem to have empathy with crying though. Haha. When I fake cry to see if he would cry too, he just giggles.


Our little explorer’s gross motor skill development hasn’t slowed down one bit. He cruises like an expert and I sometimes catch him standing without holding on to anything (and then promptly falling on his padded butt). He uses a combo of cruising and crawling when he’s in his play area. And he’s fast! I feel kind of bad because we have to keep redirecting him because our space isn’t 100% baby safe yet. We’re thinking of bringing him to a Gymboree soon so that he can freely explore and play. Maybe in the next few weeks!


Squishy loves music! It calms him down in car rides when someone else is sitting with him in the back and he wants to be with me. Whenever he hears the Gilmore Girls theme song play at the beginning of the episode, he stops whatever he’s doing to look for the iPad and watch. As soon as the song is done, he’ll continue playing. He dances to music too! He’ll dance while he’s standing or crawling. It’s so funny. Sometimes, it’s almost like he can’t help but dance. I’ve played music in the middle of a meltdown and he started dancing WHILE he was crying. It was so funny.

Squishy is babbling up a storm! His vocabulary includes: da, na, ca, thu, ta, and ma. But his favorite is da. When he’s upset and it takes us a while to pick him up, he makes the cutest scrunched up face and starts yelling: da-da-da-da-da!

I must improve my interviewing skillz. #squishydays

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Our little scientist has also been experimenting with cause-and-effect lately. His new favorite thing to do is to throw things out of his playpen. His toys are everywhere, but it entertains him and we’re able to leave him in his playpen for much longer now! Whenever I come back from the bathroom, there’s always a new toy on the ground.

Huli ka kalbo. #squishydays 🤤

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He’s eating more and more now! While the doctor told us to try to give him 5 meals a day, I usually end up just giving him 4 meals – breakfast, lunch, merienda, and dinner. He’s on a mix of bottled baby food and “real” food. He loves soup! He’s finished orders of miso soup on his own. His favorite is Xiao Long Bao soup. Hahaha. When I feed him at home, it can get really messy. He loves holding the spoon by himself. Sometimes, I’ll let him scoop the food out of the bowl too. So the food kind of gets all over him (I’ve found food behind his ears and behind his knees) and there’s a distinct splatter radius around his high chair. Hahaha. I have to keep reminding myself to see past the mess and appreciate the opportunity for him to practice his fine motor skills. For a while, he started having dry skin around his mouth and I realized it’s because I would wipe him up too often during the meal. I now wait until the very end to clean him up.


While his food is still more mush than solids, his poop is the opposite! It now smells similar to our bathroom deposits and it sometimes comes out shaped like a hotdog. Hahaha. There are times when it’s still mushy though, but I think it’s because he still breastfeeds a lot. For some reason, it feels like he’s upped his breastfeeding game ever since he started on solids. He usually wants to feed 20-30 minutes after his meals. And it’s still the best way to put him to sleep.

Squish still sleeps best when he’s in between us. He’s so active in his sleep though! He twists and turns and tries to snuggle with us in the strangest ways. Whenever I check on him, he’s always in a different position. There are times when I wake up and we’ve become the letter H sleeping family—Mikey and I exiled to the edge of the bed and the very horizontal Squish is fast asleep. He has a cute drunken post-sleep phase now which lasts about 10-30 minutes before he wakes up completely. He’ll sit up and wobble around, crawling face down to one of us, headbutting anything that gets in his way, and passing out every now and then. It’s really funny and cute when you’re not a headbutt victim. We’re back to our three-hour sleep-breastfeed cycles at night—a great improvement since the horrid sleep regression stage. I hope we get back our 8-hour sleep-full nights, but I’ll take it.

I’m more confident when it comes to going out with Squish! I realized it’s much easier to have him in a carrier when I’m by myself. He doesn’t fuss when he’s in a carrier and I can go as slowly or as quickly as I want. When he’s in a stroller, he’s usually okay if we keep moving. When I slow down to look at something, he starts fussing after a few minutes. So we’re really making good use of our K’tan and we recently purchased a Bitybean carrier that we’re really enjoying! Hopefully this means that we can take Squishy on longer road trips soon! It’s getting harder to put him in his car seat! He’ll make his legs unbendable and he’ll really put up a fight and twist around as much as he can before you can get his seat belt on him! Mikey’s started taking over because he can hold him down better than I can. But once he’s in it, he doesn’t complain as much unless he wants to nurse. The key is to ignore him and let him play with his toys and look out the window. Once you start interacting with him while he’s seated, he will eventually want you to carry him.

I can’t believe he’s seven months old! Everyday, it seems like he’s more toddler than baby. Looking back at my old posts, I’m amazed at how much he’s grown and at how all of this (parenting) seems to come more naturally now. I used to be so stressed when Mikey would leave us for work and I would count the minutes until he would come home and save us. But now, I really enjoy all the alone time I have with Squish. There’s still so much to learn though! There are days when I feel like I’m not maximizing all of his learning potential, but I am thankful that Squish is so forgiving of his newbie parents. ❤



One thought on “Our seven month old Squishy

  1. So much to love in this post!!! He responds to the GG theme?! 😱😍 all the photos!!! I love all his looks while you guys are asleep! Haha! And everything in between! 💙💙💙💙


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