The Momma Show

Act 1934 of the Momma Show. This act involves shadow puppets while Papa naps after a long day of rehearsals.

There’s this Filipino saying that goes “nakakawala ng pagod” which roughly translates to “takes away tiredness” and often refers to babies/children.

When I was pregnant, other parents would always tell me what a blessing my baby was and how it’s hard work, but it’s truly nakakawala ng pagod.

Six months in (27 weeks today!) and it isn’t exactly like that for me. Especially when Squish went through sleep regression and was still amazingly active all day long, I truly felt the tiredness. And unlike any work that I’ve done in the past, there’s virtually no clocking out.

While the tiredness is oh so very real, when it comes to taking care of Squish, I realized that there’s an energy reserve that kicks in when you think you have nothing left. And then magically, I can continue to play and smile with my baby. I have yet to empty out this reserve.

Unfortunately, outsiders who visit on the days when the energy reserve is tapped may find our home chaotic—dishes in the sink, unsorted laundry, and toys everywhere. Plus, the unbathed lady who is still in her PJs at 4 in the afternoon. Hahaha. Oh well.

I am still not the domestic goddess I envisioned when I decided that I would stay home to take care of Squish. But here are a few Char’s-attempt-at-being-human milestones that I’m proud of:

  • I can use the toilet without anxiety
  • I can take a bath before my husband gets home
  • I can make the bed at some point during the day
  • I can fry up a simple lunch if there are no leftovers (and eat!!!)
  • I can do the dishes
  • I can sort and put away the laundry

The next thing on my to-do list is to learn how to go out with the baby by myself! I feel kind of helpless during the week when Mikey is at work and I hate that I have to wait for him before I can run errands. Maybe I’ll try to do a grocery run with Squish soon! Hehehe.


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