The Squishy Holiday Fashion Show

We were too out of it to take out and dress up our bigger tree this Christmas, so all of my Christmas spirit went into dressing up Squishy for the Holidays. 😅 Here are some of Squishy’s Christmas-themed outfits:

  1. Set of three Christmas PJs from Mother Care. The footsies are kind of tight already because we settled for the 3-month sized PJs because they ran out of the 6-month sized ones. 😅 I was excited.

2. Team Rudolph onsie and reindeer shirt and pants from Cotton On Baby.

3. Holiday Bear onesie with matching pants and hat from Gerber. (Thank you Tita Erika and Tito Steve!)

4. Personalised onesies from My Little Monkey Ph. (There’s another one that he has for New Year’s that we don’t have a photo of yet).

5. A Santa onsie (Thank you Tita Camille and Tito Stephen!) and Penguine Onsie (with matching pants not in photo, Thank you Lola!) from Carter’s.

6. Christmas socks from Rustan’s!


Dressing up a baby in holiday outfits is 100 times more fun than dressing up a Christmas tree! Hopefully though, next year, my head will be screwed on well enough to dress them both. 😅


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