Tidings of Comfort and Joy

I love Christmas. My tree is usually up by September 1. I love hearing Jose Mari Chan‘s Christmas in our Hearts playing in our malls. I love shopping for gifts and deciding on my gift wrapper theme. I love peppermint mochas and taking at least one quick trip over the holidays. Christmas is absolutely my favorite time of the year.

I always thought that once I had a kid, I would totally Martha Stewart my way through Christmas. Well, this was my first Christmas as a mom and my Christmas game has never been weaker. πŸ˜” Here are some things that I didn’t get to do this year:

  • Find meaningful, personalized gifts for everyoneβ€”I had to settle for some really generic gifts for some of the most un-generic people in my life.
  • Put up out Christmas tree. All we have is our Charlie Brown Christmas tree because we didn’t have the time to put ours up and constantly clean to make sure that it doesn’t aggravate Squishy’s allergies.
  • Go to any bazaar. I love shopping in bazaars. I try to look for one-of-a-kind, locally made gifts. This year, most of our presents came from S&R or the mall.
  • Have my annual marathon gift wrapping day where I play Christmas music and wrap all the presents I bought. This year, we just gave our gifts away in the paper bags we bought them in and just added Christmas sticker tags.
  • Have regular, caffeinated peppermint mocha. I was still paranoid about my breast milk, so I only allowed myself to have a short decaf peppermint mocha.
  • Take a trip. We’re still getting the hang of taking Squishy out for a couple of hours at a time. A long road trip was still too daunting for us.
  • Take a decent holiday photo because I’m still carrying about 20 lbs of pregnancy weight that I can’t seem to get rid off. I’m a fatty fat Mooma. Plus, it takes us forever to get ready now, so I usually don’t have time to put any make up on.
  • Watch Rogue One. 😒

Siiiiiiiigh! Because of the choices that we made (no Yaya + breastfeeding), I had to make peace with the fact that we really couldn’t sustain the pace of life we had before Squish was around (back-to-back social gatherings, all day shopping sessions, and spontaneous anythings). At least not yet. And I’m generally okay with this slower pace and I totally respect the learning curve (aka learning mountain), but the holidays (and social media) kind of magnified everything that I was missing so there were times when I would feel sorry for myself.

Strangely, despite the slower pace of life, the beauty of this season is that there isn’t much time to wallow. This is kind of a 24/7 gig and Squishy’s literally different everyday. As soon as I’m about to feel *too* bad about something as mundane as a friend’s Instagram post about a trip to the mall, Squish would do something distracting (like startle himself with his own fart πŸ˜…). And all of our little traditions that Mikey and I made sure we made time for this year are a million times more meaningful now that we get to share it with Squish.

Here are some things we got to do for Squishy’s first holiday season:

  • Write out Christmas cards signed with all three of our names. ❀
  • Dress Squish in the happiest Christmas PJs and some cute holiday themed onsies.
  • Checked out the caroling stuffed animals and Christmas decor in Rockwell.
  • Spend a lovely evening at the lobby of the Manila Peninsula, listening to Christmas songs, surrounded by twinkle lights, and sipping hot chocolate with marshmallows
  • Buy Christmas gifts for our son (!!! I still can’t believe we have son!!)
  • Watch A Charlie Brown Christmas as a family.
  • Go on a few shopping sessions while experimenting with different ways of bringing Squishy around
  • Attend our yearly Christmas party with our friends as a family of three

It’s Christmas Eve and we’ll be spending most of the day with family. But we should be home before midnight and hopefully, Squishy will be up long enough to at least “open” the gift we got for him and watch us open the gifts Mikey and I got for each other. I think all the other presents will have to wait until Christmas morning. 😁
img_9156A few more days left in 2016 and I can’t believe the year we hadβ€”most of my plans were derailed and I think the first month with Squishy was the hardest monthΒ of my life. But right now, as I type up this post on my phone with my three month old baby sleeping next to me and my husband recording covers ofΒ Hamilton songs outside, I am in amazed at the grace, joy, and peace we’ve been gifted with throughout this year.

Happy holidays from our awkwardly imperfect but seriously happy and grateful family. πŸŽ„Thank you for reading about us and our misadventures. ❀ 2017 should be interesting! πŸ˜€


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