Week 3

Week 3 started off with my mom suddenly telling me that she wouldn’t be able to come over for a couple of days. She had a cold and we couldn’t risk exposing Squishy. It was too late to make any other arrangements, so I told Mikey that we would be fine.

Even though my Mom didn’t really help with Squishy, it was a safety blanket of sorts to have her around. I was a little nervous about being alone with Squishy all day, but I was slowly starting to gain confidence.

I was starting a simple routine with Squishy that made it easier for my brain to handle the unstructured days. The routine was: Make sure he has a clean nappy on, try to feed him, burp him, and put him down for a nap. Repeat routine when he wakes up.

There were days when it seemed like he didn’t want to sleep at all. He was just fussy (we’d keep repeating the feeding-burping steps). And these were the challenging days because after very little sleep from the night before, I needed him to nap at least once in the morning so that I could nap too. That morning nap
makes me feel human again.

Squishy also naps best when he sleeps on me. Even if we get sweaty sometimes. It’s one of the best feelings in the world, holding your baby in your arms while he sleeps. ❤️ But in the afternoon, this becomes a bit problematic because I need to do other things—like eat or go to the bathroom.

I read online that it takes babies about 20 minutes before they go into deep sleep. Before that, any movement can easily wake them. So I’ve been trying this thing where when he falls asleep after feeding/burping, I hold him and sit still for about 20 minutes. When I try to move his arms a little and they seem limp, I slowly transfer him into his crib (much easier after Lola got him a co-sleeper). So far, it’s been 75% successful. It usually buys me an hour or so of hands free time!

(I have to admit though, sometimes I just let him nap on top of me the whole time in the afternoon. Even if I’m wide awake. I just kind of sit there in bed and inhale all of his goodness. ❤️)

There was a night or two where he wouldn’t go back to sleep and he just fussed from 2 AM onwards. Those nights were difficult. Whenever that would happen, I would wait for Mikey’s alarm to go off and I would ask him to change or burp Squishy before getting ready. That way, I could try to recharge a bit with a 5-10 minute catnap (20 minutes of Squishy decides to pee/poo on Mikey while being changed. Hehe).

When Squishy isn’t sleeping or fussy, there are a few stretches a day when he’s just awake. There isn’t much you can do with a newborn, but I try to just make eye contact with him and talk! Or I put him on his rocker and read to him. Sometimes we have supervised tummy time (but this doesn’t really last so long because he gets annoyed at me). He isn’t interested in toys yet though. When I assembled his gym and put him under it, he just cried. Maybe we’ll try again later. Haha.

By Thursday or Friday, Mikey notices that I get loopy. The compound interest of sleepless nights and relentless feedings catches up with me and he can tell. There’s no enthusiasm or sense of wonder in my voice and I become overly paranoid about every little thing that might be wrong with Squishy. It’s clear that I’ve reached my quota of talking to a baby all day and I’m in desperate need for the weekend when Mikey can keep me company and help out with Squishy. God bless weekends.

Week 3 ended with another visit to the pediatrician. Squishy is now 9.9 lbs. 😅 The Doctor said it was okay because we were exclusively breastfeeding. He also had another vaccine shot. I couldn’t watch, but Squishy was so brave. He cried for like 5 seconds and when the doctor picked him up, he was fine.

Well, if Squishy can be brave, then I can too. ❤️


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