Labor Pains

Welp, I’m in labor!

Last Thursday, my doctor gave me a prescription for Evening Primrose, which I was supposed to take three times a day. It was supposed to help “ripen my cervix”. I have no idea what that means. But I guess it was because I wasn’t dilated at all. And then, over the weekend, I had another ultrasound (BPS) and non-stress test. The non-stress test showed that I had two moderate-strong contractions in 30 minutes, but I didn’t feel anything. I was asleep for most of the test and I was surprised when the nurse asked me if I was feeling okay.

This morning, when I got up to pee, I noticed a small drop of blood when I was cleaning up. It was so tiny, like a needle point. We wondered if we should go to the hospital, but I told Mikey that maybe it was just a fluke or something. Soon after that, I received a text from my doctor’s nurse asking me to take 30 ml of caster oil this morning. I think that’s where it all started.

We left our apartment to buy some castor oil at the drug store and have breakfast at Aristocrat. Before our food arrived, I took a swig of the castor oil. It wasn’t so bad! It was citrusy and lighter than I expected!

The castor oil is supposed to encourage contractions because it’s a laxative. It’s also supposed to make you poop a lot. Hehe. Mikey was worried that I might have to run to the bathroom right away, but we had a normal, pleasant breakfast. I even took over a Poké Gym!

Yay! 10 coins!

When we got home, I was unusually tired, so I took a nap. At around 2:00 PM I woke up with a really bad stomach ache and I thought I that needed to use the bathroom. So I sat there for a while but nothing was happening. When I cleaned up, there was blood again and it wasn’t just a needle point this time! I woke up a sleeping Mikey with: “we need to go to the hospital”. He got up automatically and we left right away.

On our way to the hospital, I experienced the most intense contractions I’ve ever had. I actually noticed it! It felt like a really bad constipation that radiated to my back and then my thighs. They were pretty close together. In our 20 minute car ride, I had a 4-5 contractions. By the time we got to the hospital, I was tired. The kind guards even gave me a chair to sit on while waiting for the elevator.

When we got to the delivery room, we were asked to fill up some forms and answer a bunch of the nurse’s questions. Then they hooked me up to a machine (to measure the contractions and Squishy’s heartbeat) and gave me an internal exam (for some reason, it was really painful! It’s never that painful when my doctor does it). After about two hours, they told me that while I did have bloody show and my contractions were regular, I was only 1 cm dilated. So they sent us home and asked us to come back tomorrow morning to assess the progress. They usually only admit patients who are 4 cm dilated. Sigh. Today was not the day.

We had a yummy dinner at Hossein’s which took long because I could only eat and talk in between contractions. This worked really well for Mikey because he ordered a lot of food (this was his lunch and dinner rolled into one meal). For the first time ever, we finished eating at the same time!

After dinner, we walked around. After 7 hours of experience, I therefore conclude that contractions are easier to handle when I’m standing/walking! Maybe it’s because contractions are supposed to help the baby get into position? And when you’re walking/standing, there’s less struggle. The pain was most intense when I was lying down. There’s some relief when I’m sitting, but even in that position, the intense part of the contractions would take my breath away. But while I was walking/standing, I could converse through entire contractions.

We’re at home now. And we’re kind of glad that we got sent back because we realized that we left our breakfast doggie bag of chicken and longganisa out. And we got to clean up a bit. Mikey’s even watching WWE Backlash. It feels kind of anticlimactic though! When we left the apartment, I told Mikey: “can you believe that the next time we come back here, we’ll have a baby?” Haha. Oh well. Squishy seems to be doing well so far! His heartbeat was strong and he’s still pretty active. There’s so much to be thankful for. ❤️


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