When we got pregnant, Mikey and I kind of knew that we wanted to give birth in St. Luke’s Medical Center in Bonifacio Global City. It’s a relatively new hospital, boasts of world-class facilities, and it’s well integrated with our HMO. Surprisingly, when we inquired about the prices of the different hospitals on our short list, St. Luke’s was one of the more affordable ones. But more than that, I really appreciate how seriously they take breastfeeding and rooming-in.

An added bonus to our St. Luke’s experience so far is their e-health services. While it still takes a while to get procedures done (especially when the procedures you need to do are in the Pathology Department—which on average takes about an hour to pay for your procedure and then another 20-30 minutes to wait for your turn to get the actual procedure done), I absolutely love how I don’t have to wait in the hospital to get the results! Every St. Luke’s patient can easily access the results of tests done in St. Luke’s in the last two years online.

Normally, we go to either Pathology or the Women’s Health Center to get our procedures done (urinalysis, ultrasounds, blood tests, etc.) and when we’re done with the tests, we can go home! In about 1-4 hours (depending on the test), we can access the results online. The results can also be e-mailed so that you can have an easy-access copy for yourself. It’s wonderful! The doctor who requested for the test also has access to your files. So, in my case, whenever there’s anything wrong based on the test results, my doctor’s nurse will just text me and advise me on the next steps. That saves me another trip to the hospital!

This feature is really helpful to modern and busy patients! I’m lucky enough to have a flexible schedule at work so that my check-ups/hospital visits don’t really count against me. But I know that most people would have to take a leave to accommodate a day in the hospital.

The last test we did was an ultrasound with a Biophysical Profile Scoring (BPS)! 37 weeks onwards, the doctor prescribed a weekly ultrasound just to check up on Squishy and make sure that everything is still okay.

We initially thought that it was a regular ultrasound, but we were pleasantly surprised when we saw the online results later that day! The BPS is more detailed than the usual ultrasound. It scores the fetal tone, fetal movement, fetal breathing movements, and your amniotic fluid! You are given a score from 0-2 for each item. Squishy scored 8/8! 😃 HOORAY! Squishy, we didn’t even review for the test but you got a perfect score! 😅 You test so well, son. ❤️

I think Squish wasn’t happy with me that morning because I skipped breakfast (hoping that it would help control Squishy’s weight). He spent most of the ultrasound mooning us. 😅 He only showed his chubby face and hands for a few seconds before turning around! And my breakfast skipping plan didn’t really work because at 37 weeks and 4 days, Squishy was 7.12 lbs! 😅 And his average ultrasound age is 38 weeks and 5 days. 😱 I wonder how heavy he will be this Saturday? 😅


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