The waiting game.

We are now at week 37, day 1! The doctor told us that I could go into labor from this point onwards until week 40. I almost can’t believe we’re here! At this point, Squish can gain about half a pound every week and it seems like he wants to because I’m hungry ALL THE TIME. 😱

I’ll also be at the hospital a lot until Squishy’s birth because I’m supposed to see the doctor every week, get an internal exam, and get a more detailed pelvic ultrasound. All of these will help our doctor figure out how close we are to giving birth.

During our last visit, the doctor asked me to watch out for the following:

  • Contractions that are 15 minutes apart
  • Mucus plug discharge
  • Bloody show
  • Water breaking
  • Decrease in Squishy’s movements

If any of these things happen, we go straight to the delivery room of the hospital. They’ll examine me and if I’m not ready to go into labor, they will send me home (and she said that that’s okay—better safe than sorry 😅).

I get really paranoid when I’m told to monitor Squishy’s movements. Every perceived lull makes me nervous. But so far, Squishy’s been moving regularly. He’s not as acrobatic as he was before (he doesn’t tumble as much), but I feel and see every shift and nudge now (I think it’s because he’s a big boy 😅).

Squishy really enjoys hanging out on the right side of my belly. My tummy is often lopsided. When Papoop is being too noisy (like when he won’t stop playing Shinsuke Nakamura’s entrance song), Squishy will move to the left side to get away from it (Mikey sleeps on the right side).

I think I’ve also had a few contractions, but maybe they’re more Braxton Hicks than the real thing. The doctor says that there are some women who have a high pain tolerance who don’t feel it at all. I don’t think I have high pain tolerance, but it doesn’t really hurt—it’s more uncomfortable, if anything. My tummy gets really hard, I feel some pressure in my pelvic area, and I kind of lose my breath. Mikey can tell because I suddenly stop whatever I’m doing, take shorter breaths, and try to sit up. After a minute or so, my belly becomes softer and I can breathe normally again. It happens a few times a day but definitely not 15 minutes apart.

Mikey pretends to be calm about everything. 😅 Every time I wince or grab my belly all of a sudden, you see the panic in his eyes for a few seconds and then he calmly asks me if we should go to the hospital already. 😎

Even though Squishy seems advanced for his age (when we read week-to-week development literature, Squishy always seems a week or two ahead of his age), we’re still hoping that Squishy decides to come out towards the end of week 38 or during week 39! I’d really like to finish a few more things at work and, more importantly, I want to make sure that Squishy is finished baking. ❤️

This season has been wonderful. I’ve loved carrying Squish and having all this one-on-one time with him. But I think that pregnancy was designed to get really uncomfortable towards the end so we’re not so nervous about the birthing process. 😁 I’m also excited to get rid of all this weight, the constant need to urinate, the edema, and the inability to sleep at night (although I hear that the sleepless nights in the third trimester is practice for the next year). 😅

I wish I could have a cheeseburger right now. 🐷


3 thoughts on “The waiting game.

  1. 😱Eeeeeee! So excited! My gosh! You must be in a state with all the waiting! Can’t wait to meet Squish!! 💕 Sleep as much as you can na!!


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