Pokemon and Pregnancy

Pokemon GO was released in the Philippines last Saturday (August 6). We were at a breastfeeding workshop sponsored by our hospital, St. Luke’s Medical Center BGC, when I found out that it was available in the App Store. Mikey and I struggled with staying or leaving to play. We agreed to download the app and play after the workshop.

After the workshop, we headed out for a snack and after a merienda of overpriced hot dogs at Pink’s, we started playing! Mikey told me that if I wanted to get a Pikachu, I should ignore the first three pokemons that appear (I think it was a Charmander, a Squirtle, and one more) by walking away. I was supposed to do it three times and then a Pikachu would appear.

After walking away from the three pokemons the first time, I was tired. Like, I needed to sit down and catch my breath tired. It didn’t help that my edema was kicking in because we were seated for almost 7 hours during the breastfeeding workshop. I ended up settling for the Charmander.

Mikey, on the other hand, walked back and forth several times until he finally got the coveted Pikachu. He had to go up and down the block twice to finally find it.


While waiting for him, I sat on a nearby bench, sadly waiting for my phone to vibrate so that I could catch more pokemons, but my phone was silent. I was sad that I could not fully join the fun everyone else was having around me. I was also legitimately tired from the day. I felt like crying.

After Mikey found me sitting on the bench sulking, he said that we should go home after a quick errand in SM Aura. And so we did. I fell asleep as soon as we got into the car and I only woke up when we were a few blocks away from home.

I decided to open up Pokemon just to check. And I was surprised! Pokestops and vibrations! Yay! So there I was, comfortably sitting in our car while Mikey drove, visiting all the Pokestops and catching all the pokemons we met along the way.


Mikey asked me to help him catch some pokemons and collect from pokestops too, but I politely declined. He already has an unfair advantage over me—the ability to walk long distances. Hehe. (Editor’s note: It was not polite!)

So it all works out! I’m convinced that you can do pretty much what you want to do when you’re pregnant for as long as you have the loving (/begrudging) support of your spouse.

An added bonus: my University is a pokestop heaven and the students are so generous with their lures! Hehe! I caught over 40 pokemons this morning and I spent most of my time sitting in my cubicle. So much fun! 😀

My poke view from my cubicle.

To hear more about our little family’s Pokemon Go adventures and our sperm donor’s (and Mr. Sawyer Paul’s) thoughts on it, please listen to this week’s episode of You Chose Poorly.


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