Hi, August. You’re Early.

I turn on my PC at work and open my browser to check e-mails. Standard over-the-weekend mail: about a dozen new messages or so. I look at the lower right corner of my screen.

It’s August 1.

It’s AUGUST 1! Oh my goodness. I can’t believe it!

Tomorrow, Squishy and I hit 34 weeks and I am shocked at how quickly it’s all going by. A really good friend of mine told me to enjoy my pregnancy because it will go by quickly. During the first trimester, that didn’t really resonate with me.

I would be freaking out more if we hadn’t serendipitously found the perfect drawers/cabinet for Squishy over the weekend (thank you, Our Home!). I was able to put away all his newly laundered clothes and arrange them by age! Yay! Mikey and I also packed our hospital bags already. I just need to pick up a nursing bra soon. We also wanted to pack Squishy’s bag, but we realized that we forgot to get a baby bag! So that’s next on our to-do list.

While everything at home is more or less in place for Squishy’s arrival, August is still a shocker because by the end of the month we will be (A) 38 weeks and 1 day pregnant with Squishy and (B) I will officially end 10 years of full-time work (6 of those years spent on this campus).

From what I understand, by week 38, pregnant women should be ready to pop at any time. I’m so grateful that our doctor said that I could keep working for as long as I feel up to it. I was a bit worried that I would have to leave work earlier than expected because of Squishy’s size and the ultrasound reports. But the doctor said that that’s just a rough approximation at this point. Yay!

My employment transition is still something I get emotional about. While there are work-from-home opportunities in the horizon, I think I will miss being “equals” with my husband. I will also miss the work and the objective experience of accomplishments. Most of all, I think I will miss our car rides. One of my favorite things is waiting by the University exit and watching our car get closer and closer. ❤ I love waving happily at Mikey as soon as he comes into view. ❤

I also love our morning car rides.  We usually exchange stories about our strange dreams (both of us have really vivid dreams) while munching on our haphazardly made toast (or a pastry if we’re feeling rich). We’re kind of transitioning out of this already because, as of August 1, Mikey’s work day starts at 7:00 AM. If I rode with him in the mornings, I’d be on campus by 6:30 AM—way too early for a sleep deprived whale like me. So now, he leaves on his own and I take an uber to work. While it’s nice that I get to sleep in and take it easy in the morning, I already miss starting the day with a really good conversation, fake fights, or uncontrollable laughter (sometimes all three in one morning!). 😦

When I realized it was August 1, I messaged Mikey:


Don’t get us wrong, we’re unbelievably excited to meet our Squishy and hold him in our arms. Every night, we’re like idiots watching the Squishy show unfold on my vibrating belly! But I’ve only had 1 year and 8 months of wonderful married life where it was just the two of us. ❤ And now that we’re down to 31 more days as a duo, I feel like it’s not enough. But maybe that’s a good thing? Maybe it’s good that we want more of each other? Maybe this will motivate us to prioritize our marriage?

In spite of the wave of emotions that August has unexpectedly ushered in, I still believe that change is good. And scary can be good too. When you’re scared, there’s potential for growth. I haven’t been this scared and nervous in a long time. ❤


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