Our 4 pound Squishy [Update]

When we visited the doctor yesterday, our main topic was the results of our latest ultrasound. As soon as the doctor called me into her office, she said: β€œUy, your baby is big ha!” πŸ˜…

The ultrasound doctor actually called her up to let her know that we were a few grams away from being labeled as a large baby. 😱 She specifically asked how much under the 90th percentile we were. The sonogram doctor answered: about 89.8xxxxx. πŸ˜…

I think that the ultrasound doctor called because she was worried that Squishy’s size was indicative of gestational diabetes. But our doctor mentioned that we were already cleared from gestational diabetes. And when she examined my belly and used the doppler (quick heartbeat pick up, “good heartbeat”–yay! ❀️), she said that, size-wise, my bump looked normal!

Basically, she concluded that Squishy is big because that’s how he’s supposed to be! πŸ˜… She even said: β€œWell, I’ve seen your husband. And you’re not exactly tiny. So mana-mana lang yan [So it’s probably in his genes to be big.].β€πŸ˜…

I asked her if there’s anything I could do and she said there was nothing I could really do except for the usual–Β try not to over eat (I really don’t think I am, but okay, I will try some more). She also told us that if Squishy hits a certain weight (I think she said 3,800++ grams), that she would recommend having a C-section because only a 7 foot woman would be able to give birth to a baby that big. πŸ˜… Otherwise, we are still gunning for vaginal delivery!

I asked about Squishy’s delivery date and she said not to pay attention to the dates in the ultrasound. At this point, the ultrasound estimated due date report has a +/-2 week margin of error. What she’s really looking at now is the grade of the placenta, the amniotic fluid, and the overall health of the baby. So, for all we know, we could be back to a September 13 due date (our original due date).

Mikey was delighted by the news! We always wanted a cute and chubby baby. 😍 But I always thought that he would come out cute and we would chub him up after! Oh well. πŸ˜…

At 33 weeks, I wonder how heavy Squishy is? Maybe we should bet on it.

Here’s my latest Squishy belly. In this photo, Squishy is 32 weeks and 4 days! Also, we just completed Neil Gaiman’s Chu series for Squishy! We’ve already started reading together. ❀

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