Squishy Shower!

My girlfriends threw us a baby shower over the weekend! But our baby shower wasn’t particularly traditional. Our co-ed baby shower involved: food + hanging out + video games + food + babies running around + food + gifts + Catan + food.

It was so much fun! 😀 Actually, the “shower” part of the day was when people would arrive and drop off their gifts on Mikey’s table and then again towards the end when I opened gifts. Hehehe. We mostly spent the afternoon/evening pretending to be carefree teenagers (with babies running around and napping on our bed <3).

My brothers also sent over gifts even if they didn’t come to our “shower”. So sometime this week, I need to do some serious inventory-ing!

Our shower was so formless that I forgot to take a photo of everyone. But I did get to take a photo of the second Catan board of the night!

Squish has Titos and Titas who are very serious about Catan.

We’re so grateful for all of Squihsy’s Titos, Titas, Uncles, grandparents, future Ninongs and Ninangs! ❤ Because of all the gifts they showered us with, we’re ready to pack our hospital bags. All we need is a cabinet for all of Squishy’s things.

Squishy thanks everyone for their well-wishes and presents! ❤

I’m so glad that we have the everyday things off of our list, because now, we can focus the big-ticket items—like a breast pump and sterilizer! There’s no real rush though, because I’m really hoping that direct breastfeeding goes well and we won’t need it until about the second or third month. But I decided to start the preliminary research incase my brain refuses to function properly while caring for an infant.

The sterilizer of sterilizers that I am currently drooling over: Ecomom! Specifically, the ECO 70KA model. Yes, I know it’s pricy (Php 15,000.00 or USD 322.00). And I don’t normally go for the priciest thing on the market, but this sterilizer is the perfect combination of easy and cute! A lot of the sterilizers on the market today sterilize uses steam and heat. This sterilizer uses a UV lamp, Anion (which removes dust and bacteria), deodorizes, and dries the items. Also, you can put virtually any item in it! It’s not like the regular sterilizers where you can only use it for baby bottles. With Ecomom, you can sterilize toys, bottles, plates, jewelry, your breast pump paraphernalia, and even your own cell phone! The best part about it is that you don’t have to boil anything anymore! Just wash the bottles the way you would normally wash your dishes and then pop it into the sterilizer! No more tongs and heat! ❤ Ecomom is love! ❤

All of my mom friends recommend getting an electric breast pump over a manual one. Using a manual breast pump can be tiring and it limits the multi-tasking potential of pumping time. I read that it’s best to direct feed for the first month or so. That way, you give yourself and your baby time to learn how to latch properly. So hopefully, we won’t need one until October or November. The gold standard of breast pumps is Medala—Moms swear by it. But it’s kind of expensive, so I’m actually eyeing Spectra breast pumps. So far, Spectra pumps are well reviewed! But I’m not settled on a unit. It’s still confusing at this point and I don’t want to get the wrong kind. There are also different types of pumps for different kinds of needs, so I’ll only really know when I start breastfeeding.

Things are slowly beginning to fall into place and we can’t believe that we’re 32 weeks in already! This Saturday, Mikey and I are excited to take our first formal parenting class together! We’re attending Workshop Manila and the Parenting Emporium’s Preparing for Delivery Day/Newborn care workshop! I’ll be sure to bring notebook, pens, and highlighters for the session!


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