Our impromptu-not-really-a-maternity-shoot shoot

I have a problem being in highly choreographed photos. I normally come out looking like a confused animal in a cage. In fact, we didn’t have any portraits taken during our wedding. Our friend simply took photos of what happened and that was perfect for us. When I first got pregnant and my cousins found out, they all suggested that I do my maternity shoot towards the end of the second trimester. I guess in some circles, it’s just a given–you get pregnant, you do a fancy maternity shoot. I wasn’t really thinking about it at that point. I was more focused on trying to keep the “morning” sickness at bay. Besides, those fancy maternity shoots normally includes a wind machine and one of those long sheer cloths that subtly drape your privates while exposing your belly. I lack the fineness and grace to pull something like that off. Haha. I would probably end up with a bunch of accidental nip slip and eating my hair photos.

The second trimester came and went, and we didn’t really feel the need to do a shoot. We have some private photos of my bump and some that we posted on instagram that we’re happy with.

But because I’m obsessed with Asian babies on instagram, my explore feed is a cuteness explosion of babies, dogs, and food. That’s where I came across jo_donggrami‘s cute post on instagram. Her post inspired us to do an impromptu-pseudo-maternity shoot one lazy Saturday evening. After 30 minutes of grueling preparation (we dug up a used illustration board and cut it up) and a quick decision to go au naturale (no make up, stretchmarks and all), here’s the product of our “maternity” shoot:

Hello, stretchmarks! But more importantly: Hello, 30 week old Squishy!  ❤ ❤ ❤

Because we had the mustache and eyes already cut out and because I wanted to share the fun, I asked Mikey to take one too:

Hello, Mikey’s 29 year old Squishy! ❤

Mikey’s Squishy looks a bit perplexed, yes?


3 thoughts on “Our impromptu-not-really-a-maternity-shoot shoot

  1. This blog post was my lunchtime companion today! Felt like you were telling me the story live, and I was giggling by myself! I miss youuuuu!!! 💜💚💜☺️


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