Our 4 pound Squishy

Now that we’re in the third trimester, we’re supposed to see the doctor every two weeks. During this last visit, our doctor asked me to get a routine pelvic ultrasound. Our last ultrasound was the Congenital Anomaly Scan that we did at about 22 weeks.

A pelvic ultrasound is simpler than the Congenital Anomaly Scan. It’s quicker and you don’t need an appointment to have it done. Since I was in the hospital already, it didn’t make sense for me to take another day off from work for the ultrasound. I had to call Mikey because getting the ultrasound done on the same day meant he would miss it again. He was sad that he would miss it, but he understood the practicality of it.

Before heading to the Women’s Health Center in St. Luke’s, I grabbed a slice of pizza from Pizza Hut. I was so hungry. I try not to eat before my doctor’s visits because she’s been warning me about my weight gain (I only gained 0.4 pounds this time! Wooohooo! The nurse and doctor congratulated me! I was so happy!). So as soon as we were done, I had to grab something to eat. I inhaled the pizza and a bottle of water while waiting for my turn. When I started eating, Squishy started kicking like crazy. He must have been hungry too.

Somewhere around my last bite of pizza, the nurse called me in to pee (you have to empty your bladder every time you do an ultrasound). After I peed, I was escorted to the exam room.

Ultrasounds are magical. ❤ You see your baby move on the monitor and feel him at the same time. ❤ Squishy was so funny during the ultrasound. Our ultrasound doctor said that he was super likot! She had to press down pretty hard to get a good photo of him. But when she got a good shot, she was gushing with me! She pointed out his chubby cheeks, nose, chin, and mouth. She said that he was really cute! ❤ She also pointed out his scrotum and said that he was undeniably a boy. Hehe. She measured my amniotic fluid and Squishy’s head, arms, and legs. He also presented head down (which explains all the rib kicks I’ve been getting lately! Hehe). Everything was okay!

Here’s a photo of our Squishy! That’s the side profile of his cute little face. ❤

The only news that was *pleasantly* alarming—Squishy is BIG! He’s still within the normal range, but he’s big. At 30 weeks and 6 days, his estimated ultrasound age was 32 weeks and 4 days! He also weighs an estimated 4 pounds. His weight is just below the 90th percentile for his age (the normal range is 10th-90th percentile). And, given his size, his estimated delivery date was bumped up to September 1! Oh my goodness!


2 thoughts on “Our 4 pound Squishy

  1. HAHAHA. I knoooooooow! But the doctor said early on na sana wag lumampas ng 8 pounds or else I might have a harder time pushing. :O And I think we might deliver earlier nga. Huhuhu. I wanted to work sana until the end of August!


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