UFC 200

When I told one of my close girlfriends about Squishy, she gushed and congratulated us! And then  promptly warned me about all the unsolicited advice I would be getting. So far, it hasn’t been so bad. For the most part, I’m happy to talk about my pregnancy and I often find myself reaching out to my mom friends when I have questions. But there have been a couple of just-nod-and-smile moments.

I recently read Jessi Klein’s article, Get the Epidural. It’s a fun, light article explaining her choice behind getting an epidural. She writes:

There are so many debates in this life in which there is some evidence of one thing and also some evidence of the other. At such a point, you just have to decide to believe in and do what is best for you. So here’s a radical idea: Why not do the thing that makes you happy? You probably already see the wisdom of this philosophy in other areas of your life.

There’s already so much guilt associated with parenthood and the right way of doing things. In as much as sacrifice and selflessness are the usual marks of parenthood, I also believe that one of the best gifts you can give your child is to be a happy and whole person. So, while we haven’t finalized our birthing plan, if we do end up getting an epidural, I will not feel guilty about it! 😀


I wrote this post on a Sunday morning, in a bar, while I munched on chicken skin, and Mikey watched a live screening of UFC 200. Mikey can’t wait to replace me with a more engaged son for events like this. For now, I can report that Squishy likes bar food. 😅 Surprisingly, they have really good OJ!


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