Bump in the air: Wrap-up.

When the idea of traveling to Hong Kong during my third trimester initially came up, I was hesitant. In fact, I even told Mikey that it might not be a good idea for me to tag along. I suggested that he go and I would stay behind for the weekend. Even though I was technically still allowed to travel (only expectant Moms 34 weeks and up need a medical certificate), I was really worried about slowing everyone down. But Mikey and his Mom told me not to worry about it and that they would go at my pace.

I’m so glad that I went! The last time I was in Hong Kong, I was in grade school. And before Squishy, we really wanted to go to Hong Kong this year! When the two red lines appeared, we thought we had to put it in the back burner so it was pretty mind-blowing when this opportunity presented itself.

Here are some things we did (either on purpose or by accident) that made our Hong Kong trip a lot smoother for this 29-week-whale-of-a-pregnant-woman:

  1. Clear everything with the doctor. We took a risk by booking the ticket before consulting our doctor. Thank goodness she gave us the go signal to travel. She just made sure that everything was OK with Squish a few days before we left and she gave us really sound advice for the trip: (1) wear comfortable shoes, (2) wear your maternity belt, (3) monitor the baby’s movements, (4) bring medicine with you in case you feel unexpected heaviness/cramping in the abdominal area, and (5) listen to your body—if you’re tired, sit down, if you need to pee, pee. Don’t over exert yourself. We made sure to do all of this during the trip!
  2. Wear the right clothes. For me, this meant: rubber shoes, maternity belt, light dresses, and a light shoulder bag. I knew that we were mostly going to shop and eat. So it was really best to start off as light as possible! It also really helped that Mikey had his PacSafe and did a bulk of the carrying.
  3. Prepare for the plane ride. The R2D2 pillow really made a difference! I tend to have lower back problems when I’m seated for an extended period of time and smooshing R2D2 behind my back made for a comfortable 2-hour plane ride. Don’t be too shy to ask for an aisle seat (especially when your Squishy has taken a liking to your bladder)! I didn’t even think of this! Thankfully, Mikey’s Mom requested for it! Also, make sure you have a medical certificate with you (one that certifies that you are fit to travel), just in case. Even if I didn’t need one according to the Cebu Pacific Website, the rules may be different in the country you are visiting. Best to be prepared than caught off-guard in a foreign land.
  4. Get a good hotel. While this goes against our normal el-cheapo tendencies, booking a room at a well-located, comfortable hotel really made a difference! The easy access to different modes of transportation (bus, MTR, and taxis) allowed us to do more in a short period of time. Also, it was really nice to sleep in a comfortable bed at the end of a long shopping day.
  5. Don’t be afraid to take the taxi. Again, this normally goes against our travel SOP, but what you’re actually paying extra for is a chance for your body to catch up and re-charge for the next activity (kind of like characters re-charging in video games before they go off into battle).
  6. Travel with the right people. I am so fortunate that I traveled with my husband and in-laws. They understood my condition and knew that I needed to rest periodically. They would ask me every 15 minutes if I was okay, offer to do a bulk of the carrying, choose the appropriate transportation for each destination point, and they never made me feel bad about it. ❤

I’m so glad that we got to go on this quick trip! I’ve already made a mental note of processing Squishy’s passport as soon as we can! ❤

As I write this, we are now at 30 weeks! I can’t believe we’re about 2 months away from meeting you, Squish! We’ve already had so many adventures! ❤


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