Bump in the air: Day 2.

Day 2. Sunday. Squishy and I woke up early again. We were up at around 7:00 AM and the room was still dark. Even though I had a lot of energy and I was excited to make most out of the day (it was our last day), I knew that I was still recuperating from the previous day’s adventure. My knees and my legs felt a little sore (kind of like how you would feel the day after you exercised for the first time in a long time). But thankfully, my back was fine and my ankles were back to its original size in the morning.

We took it easy in the morning. We decided to spend the day in the mall next door, the New Town Plaza. So we had some time before it opened at 11 AM. We had breakfast in our hotel—pour over coffee (just the aroma for me), French baguettes, prosciutto, parmesan cheese, blue cheese, and leftover cheese tarts from Sogo.

At around 10:45 AM, we walked to the mall and shopped until lunch time. We found a nice bookstore in the ground floor of the mall and we were able to buy two books (one for us and one for Squishy) and two postcards (we try to get a book every time we travel to mark the trip)! We walked back to the hotel for lunch and we had a really good pigeon and dim-sum at the Royal Park Chinese Restaurant (20% off because we were booked in the hotel! yay!).

After lunch, we spent another hour in the mall before heading back to the hotel to pack up all the last minute stuff we bought. The bell boy brought our bags to bus stop and we waited for the A41 bus to take us to the airport!

As soon as the bus arrived, Mikey loaded our baggage and we were quickly seated comfortably. The bus ride was very relaxing. Because it was day time, we got to see a lot of Hong Kong (we missed this before because we arrived at night time). In 45 minutes, we arrived at the airport and checked in!

After we checked-in, we had a farewell meal at Tai Hing again. This time, I devoured my own order of goose leg. ❤ We had some time to spend in the airport, so we did last minute duty-free shopping! I found Pigeon brand disposable breast pads in their drug store for HKD 50.00 (about Php 300.00/USD 7.00). I registered for the same box in Manila and here it costs about Php 599.00 (about USD 13.00/HKD 99.00). I should have gotten more!

By 6:45 PM, we were at our gate waiting to board. The Cebu Pacific ground crew in Hong Kong was much more organized than the ones in Manila. They actually gave PWDs, senior citizens, pregnant women, and families traveling with young children time to go ahead of the line. They didn’t do this in Manila (they announced it in Manila, but literally 10 seconds later, they started letting everyone else in. it doesn’t take much common sense to understand that  PWDs, senior citizens, pregnant women, and families traveling with young children will need more than 10 seconds to get to the final check-in point).

For some reason, our seats seemed much tighter this time around (maybe it was all the eating). But even though it was a bit tight, it was a pleasant enough plane ride! I brought my R2D2 throw pillow again and I had an aisle seat (which made the Squishy induced bladder stimulation manageable). We arrived in Manila a little after 10:00 PM. We were tired but overwhelmingly grateful. We already missed Hong Kong, but there was undeniable comfort in crawling into your own bed again. ❤

This is us on the plane heading back to Manila. I’ve stolen Mikey’s strawberry pokey. ❤

So, Hong Kong, this is definitely a see-you-later. The next time we’re there, Squishy will really be able to join all the fun! ❤


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