Bump in the air: Day 0.

Squishy took his first international trip over the weekend! We were really fortunate to be able to tag along for a quick trip to Hong Kong! ❤ It was so much fun and I’m really glad that we got to do it even if I’m a whale in her 29th week of pregnancy.

The trip was fun, but it was different from the way we used to travel. Mikey and I love traveling barako style (a.k.a. el cheapo). We walk everywhere, take the cheapest public transportation available, pack in as many activities we can into a day, and get cheap accommodations. We had to do things a little differently this time. We start our travel log at Day 0!

Day 0. Friday. We boarded the plane at around 7:00 PM, but left Manila at around 7:45 (hello, Cebu Pacific). The flight was about 2 hours. The last time we were on a plane, we were in our second trimester and the trips to and from Davao were not very comfortable. This time around, I decided to bring my R2D2 throw pillow along. It really helped! The plane ride to Hong Kong was very comfortable. I used R2D2 on my lower back (sorry for smooshing you, buddy) and I even got to take a quick nap. Squishy’s doing this great thing now where he uses my bladder as a chair or a squeeze toy. There are times when he moves and I feel like peeing. Usually, it’s very little pee, but our doctor specifically advised me not to hold in my pee during this trip. If I feel like I need to go to the bathroom, I should try going. Thankfully, Lola made sure that we got an aisle seat and it made getting up to pee much easier.

We arrived in Hong Kong a little after 9:30 PM. The first thing we did was take a bathroom break. The bathrooms in the HK airport are so nice. There were toilet sanitizers in every cubicle and automatic paper towel dispensers above every sink. After our fancy toilet break, we headed to immigration, and went hunting for a late second dinner. I first spotted a McDonald’s (Lola made a face), but we ended up having a heavenly goose second dinner at the restaurant next to McDonald’s, Tai Hing.

I’ve never had goose with salted egg. It’s so good. Five Squishy kicks good!

Before we left, our doctor reassured us that everything should be fine during our trip. But she also advised us to monitor Squishy’s movements. A healthy baby is an active baby! So I took this to heart. Every hour or so, I would check in with Squishy. Thankfully, he was pretty active throughout the trip! More so if we just had a meal! Squishy loved the food in Hong Kong. ❤

At around 10:30, we were ready to head to our hotel, The Royal Park Hotel in Sha Tin. We had to figure out the best way to get there. We initially thought we would take the MTR (train), but it involved a few transfers and we had our baggage with us. We were considering taking a taxi or getting an uber when we realized that we could take a bus! Google maps said that our hotel was about 1 hour and 20 minutes away from the airport, but the bus would drop us off right in front of the hotel.

This is us on the bus. I tried all the available filters. I looked blah in all of them.

We arrived at the hotel in less than an hour and we were all pleasantly surprised at how nice our hotel was! We got a double double room (yup, that’s what it was called 😅) where the four of us fit very comfortably (the bathroom was spacious, there were two double beds with high quality linens and pillows, there was a work desk, a couch, mini bar area, a free cellphone with data that we could use during our stay, and a flat screen TV with cable). It was quite different from our usual accommodations and a little bit pricier (about Php 6,000 or USD 130/night), but the comfort, amenities, and location was worth it. Especially the location—we were connected to the New Town Plaza (a well stocked series of malls that reminds me of our Glorietta-Greenbelt Malls), the Sha Tin MTR station, and the bus stop was literally a few steps away from the lobby.

After we unpacked our toiletries and made a rough plan for the next day, Squishy and I fell asleep with excitement in our hearts. We were off to a great start!


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