Attention: Pillow Thief

I am now calm enough to write about this. I’ve wiped away my angry tears and they have made me stronger.

Soon after I arrived from work this morning, I realized that my pillow was missing from my cubicle. I looked around the office to see if it was misplaced. Perhaps the janitors put it on the couch by accident. But no, it was gone.

Enraged and on the verge of tears, I told the guard about it and he promised to question the janitorial staff who are scheduled to arrive later in the afternoon.

I’ve had money stolen from my wallet in this same office and I did not feel as bad as I do now. With the money, I was sad but I figured that maybe the person was desperate and needed it more than I did. Besides, he/she was nice enough to leave my credit/ATM cards.

But stealing my pillow offends me. It offends me deeply. Especially now that my knees are kind of sore and I would like to turn my trashcan into an ottoman. Who would steal a pillow from a pregnant woman? It’s cruel.

So if you’re reading this, Mr./Ms. Pillow Thief, I hope you know that I’ve been using that pillow on my feet—sometimes with shoes, sometimes without. I hope that you get all of my feet germs all over you.  


Update: the janitors returned my pillow at 2:43 PM. They thought I wanted to throw it away because it was on top of my trashcan.  I do not wish my germs on our janitors.


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