My World Heavyweight Championship Belt

Last week, I asked our doctor for permission to go on a quick trip on the first week of July. She said that it should be no problem and that she would give me a medical certificate clearing me for travel. She reminded me to always listen to my body during the trip: “if you feel tired, sit down. Let them go ahead and come back for you or go at your own pace”. She also said that she would be sending me with some medicine in case I felt anything strange, probably Utrogestan (the same medicine I had to take when I had the subchorionic hemorrhage and the same medicine she had me pack for Davao). I never took it after the subchorionic hemorrhage disappeared, but I always have it in my bag with me. She says that if I ever feel any kind of cramping or unusual heaviness, I should use it.

She also advised that I purchase a maternity belt for the trip. A maternity belt is, in Mikey’s words, like a bra for your tummy. I bought one from the doctor’s office (about Php 1,500.00 or about USD 33.00, but there are cheaper alternatives online) and the nurse helped me put it on. She said that the front of the belt (where there’s a round pad) should be positioned so that it catches my belly from under. It should also be tightly secured (but not too tight that I find it difficult to breathe normally).

Here’s Mikey modeling the belt:

I didn’t really expect it to do much apart from making me look bigger than I already am (the nurse warned that I may not be able to wear tight dresses because it can look a bit bulky with the belt underneath), but I’m so surprised at the relief it brought! I am 100% satisfied with my purchase—so much so that I wish I had bought one sooner!

Here’s why I love it:

  1. It’s like a battery pack. After I started wearing it, I realized I could last much longer. We had a packed week! We had a bunch of meetings and appointments. There was one day where we had to go to Quezon City to checkout a cord blood banking facility. The true test was last Saturday when we were out all day. We had to do several things at the hospital, register for our baby shower, shop for shoes, shop for home things, and buy a gift for our friend who is having triplets (!!!). We were basically on our feet from 8 AM to about 8 PM. I started feeling tired at around 6-7 PM, but I was okay before that!
  2. My butt anchor is gone. Early on in the second trimester, I noticed that I would have a difficult time getting up from chairs (especially my office chair if I was seated for a long time). It was like my butt would suddenly become an anchor and it would take some effort and support to stand up again. I started using Mikey’s BackJoy because of this and it did help, but as my belly expanded, the anchor would get heavier. After I started wearing the belt, I noticed that I didn’t have a hard time standing anymore.
  3. Edema repellent. I don’t know if it’s really related, but ever since I started wearing the belt, I’ve noticed that my edema in the afternoons isn’t as bad. Sure my ankles would still get chubbier, but you would still be able to see the veins on my feet. In the past, it’s gotten so bad that I couldn’t see the veins anymore. Maybe it’s because there’s less pressure on my legs?

I would wear a maternity belt all the time if I could. It would actually be perfect for housework/chores, but it can get a bit uncomfortable when you start sweating in it. I end up removing it when I’m washing dishes or cooking. I think Squishy likes his new fort too! The first time I wore it, I felt like he made his kicks harder to test it out.

Today is the last day of the second trimester! Oh my goodness! I can’t believe we’re entering the third trimester already. I still feel utterly unprepared. I’m getting a bit nervous about the birthing process! So far, our Doctor wants us to have a normal birth (and we do too). I need to start reading up on normal birthing methods!


3 thoughts on “My World Heavyweight Championship Belt

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