Belly Good

At 27 weeks, my belly is as big as a basketball. Squishy seems to be enjoying himself, kicking round the clock regardless of my state (asleep, lying down, standing, sitting, on the can, etc.). Unfortunately, Suqishy’s mansion expansion comes with a price.

A few weeks ago, I noticed that I had developed light stretch marks on my sides (the area in between my belly and thighs). Since it was on my sides, I could only see it if I twisted around so I didn’t really mind.

IMG_5282But a couple of days, I woke up to a whole new set of stretch marks in the area under my bump. It was like they appeared overnight and it was not subtle at all (they are an angry shade of peach).

IMG_5283I was so shocked that I ran waddled to Mikey to show him. He laughed and said that it was okay because I was making more room for Squishy. He also lifted up his shirt and said: “we’re the same na!” 😑

The doctor also noticed my stretch marks when she lifted my shirt for the Doppler during our visit this week. She said: “oh, you have stretch marks na! That’s okay! Battle scars!”

When I told my mother-in-law about this, she gave me a bottle of Bio-oil. I only started using it last night. After I bathed, I slathered it all over my stretch marks and belly. Hopefully, it will prevent more stretch marks from coming out and will reduce or lighten the ones that are already there.

But because stretch marks are superficial, the doctor didn’t dwell too much on it. We spent more time discussing an upcoming trip scheduled in the first week of July. I was nervous leading up to the visit because she would be explaining the oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) results and we would have to ask for permission to go on our trip. The results were negative! No indication of gestational diabetes! Yay! And the doctor gave me the go signal to go on our trip (double yay!), but she advised me to purchase a maternity belt for the trip.

Initially, I was confused about maternity belts. I had a friend who said I should get a belly binder very early on to use. When I asked my other mom friends, they told me that a binder was only used after you go through a C-section. Maybe that first friend meant a maternity belt? A maternity belt is kind of a like a bra for your baby bump! I’ve only been using this for four days, but so far the relief is pretty substantial. I wish I had gotten it earlier! But maybe more about the maternity belt next week after thorough pilot-testing.

During that same doctor’s visit, we got to hear Squishy’s heartbeat again! ❤ The doctor said that it had a good rhythm and that it was strong! ❤ Now that I’m about to enter the third trimester, the doctor said that she would be seeing us every two weeks and that we would be getting regular ultrasounds from this point on.

Every time I hear Squishy’s heartbeat, I am in awe. I can’t believe that he was entrusted to us. I can’t believe that we get to be parents. Mind bazooka.


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