Bossy Pants

I don’t intend to monetize this blog or hope to gain notoriety from it. Journaling is therapeutic for me—it helps me manage my energy and anxiety. I’m a sap who loves nostalgia—even as early as now, I enjoy re-reading older entries. I also like the idea that somewhere out there, a clueless first time mom (just like me) may accidentally come across this blog and feel some sort of camaraderie or comfort. But I really hope that one day, Squishy will ask about his origin story and I’ll be able to send him the link to this blog so that he can see how much we loved him and how he changed our lives forever.

So, Squish, if you’re reading this, HELLLLOOOOOO! We must have done something right because you’re reading! Hehe.

Squish, I can only imagine the perils your generation will have to go through. I really hope that your father and I equipped you well enough to successfully navigate through it. Our generation has its own set of challenges to overcome and hopefully, we learn enough from it to help you become better than us.

Something horrible happened in the world this week. Because I am hoping and praying that something like this never happens again, I’d like to share my take-away from all of this:

Squish, we live in a world full of different people. And different is a great thing. We may not always understand why someone is different or how that kind of different could even work, and that’s okay. Our beliefs, preferred norms, and standards end with ourselves. It’s wonderful and comforting to find like-minded people in this diverse world, but it’s equally wonderful to meet people who live wildly different lives and have a different perspective. Different can be scary sometimes, but please respond to fear with love and compassion. Giving in to fear and cultivating hatred is the easiest thing. Instead, ask questions, observe, and learn. It is okay to come to the conclusion that some things really aren’t for you—but that doesn’t—mustn’t— automatically mean it’s a bad thing.

We’re so excited to see you, Squish! But for now, I am grateful that you’re still in my belly where I can keep you safe.


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