Project Save the La-Z-Boy

Last night, my Mom delivered all of Squishy’s swag from her trip! I’m going to have to do some serious inventory later. Squishy is loved. And so are we. ❤️


As soon as we got the swag, Mikey went to work and started assembling our new Safety First play yard. It came in a small box and it took about 30 minutes to assemble everything!


The colors are perfect and we love the lock indicators (if it’s red, it means that it did not lock properly).
Ease of assembly rating: 8/10. This took the longest to assemble, because we had to lock in a bunch of things. But it was easy enough to follow the instructions and we were able to see it both ways: as a full play pen and as a crib.


I love the cute stuffed dogs on the mobile. How perfect! At least Squishy will see some kind of dog regularly. Hehe.
Ease of assembly rating: 8/10. It would have been easier if I didn’t get too excited and snapped the mobile rods together before inserting the actual mobile. I had a tough time unsnapping the rods (I blame my fatter fingers).


When we were canvassing for play yards here, we didn’t even bother looking at the ones with changers. That easily added an additional Php 1,000.00-2,000.00 (about USD 20-40) to the play yard’s price. We’re so happy that this one came with a changer because it looks really useful! The padding looks waterproof and that’s great because I anticipate a lot of accidents.
Ease of assembly rating: 7/10. Mikey tried assembling this first (before reading the instructions), but the ring rods got stuck. After successfully un-sticking it with a Hulk-like effort, Mikey gave up and started with the play pen. After experiencing some success with the playpen, his self-efficacy increased, and he successfully put the changer together (with the help of the instructions this time) and installed it on top of the play pen.

When we saw the finished product, we were so happy! It was better than what we ever imagined we would get for Squishy (and at a fraction of the estimated cost! Yay!).

Squishy’s new bed inspired us to move things around in the bedroom so that we could see what it would look like. Our bedroom is not too big, but it’s spacious for two people. Making room for a third person while maintaining that perceived space was an interesting challenge.

Our biggest hurdle was Mikey’s ginormous La-Z-Boy. Objectively, I don’t really like it. It’s big, dark, and it imposes itself on you. But because it’s Mikey’s favorite piece of furniture and because it’s always been there, the sap in me would feel really bad if we had to get rid of it. So, last night, we played real life Tetris again.

Originally, the La-Z-Boy was in the corner right next to Mikey’s side of the bed. We decided to switch my make-up table (which was directly in front of the foot of the bed) and the La-Z-Boy. After switching it, Mikey summoned his Hulk-like strength again (there was whimpering) and moved the bed to close the gap between the make-up table (now his new bedside table) and the bed.

This freed up much more space on my side of the room, which was great because that’s where we wanted to put Squishy’s play yard. It’s also close to the door so it’s very easy to pull the play yard into the living room area if we want to hang out there.

Now I just have to figure out where I can put all of my make-up. It is currently in a basket on top of a chair. 😅


3 thoughts on “Project Save the La-Z-Boy

  1. Hehehe. No, I don’t think so. 😅 It was just what we called him when we didn’t know the gender. But we’re so used to it na, we might end up using it as a nickname. 😅


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