We spent a couple of hours last Sunday night rearranging our apartment for Squishy. We are absolutely in love with our one-bedroom apartment and we were very happy with how everything looked and where everything was. But with Squishy joining us soon, it became clear that we needed to make a few changes. We needed more room for Squishy’s gear and play. And while we had a pretty great media center, we realized that what needed was a living room where the three of us could hang out.

So when we got home Sunday night, we decided to switch things around! Mikey did all of the heavy lifting and I dusted and got him water. Basically, we switched our media center and our dining area.



Originally, our media center took up almost half of the apartment. And all we did there was watch TV or play video games. By moving it deeper into the apartment, the space it takes up is smaller, but it’s just as functional. We’re excited to put rubber mats in between the couch and TV for Squishy to play on.

By moving our dining area to the larger space, but sectioning it off in one corner, the apartment looks 2 times bigger! Sure, that means our 6 seater becomes a 5 seater all of a sudden, but we’re only two people (soon to be three with Squishy)! We also re-purposed our wooden chest (which used to be our coffee table in our media center) as a bench for our dining table. It makes the area look more open. And an added bonus: we can put bags on top of it and it doesn’t look misplaced (as opposed to putting bags on the couch/chairs).

I can’t believe how much space we’ve made! And I can now imagine Squishy taking his first steps in our apartment! ❤ We can comfortably set up a play area in the middle of the apartment for Squishy or pull out his play yard from the bedroom when we’re feeling extra fancy and decide to turn the AC on outside.

All this nesting was actually prompted by some news we got from my mom! My mom got Squishy a play yard! With the help of my cousin, my mom was able to get a Safety First Play Yard for CAD 115.00 (about USD 88.00 or Php 4,114.00)! It’s grey and it comes with a changer, storage, and a mobile. Here in Manila, play yards go from Php 7,000.00 to 13,000.00 (about USD 150.00 to 280.00). When we checked the mall, the exact same play yard cost over Php 12,000.00! Yipeee!

Our next home project is figuring our our bedroom set up (a.k.a. Project Save the La-Z-Boy).

We also updated our decor by our new dining area. Spot the Squishy post-it!

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