A few nights ago, I had a really vivid dream of drinking a hot cup of coffee. It was so vivid that I could smell and taste it. It was perfect…until I woke up. And Mikey was still on his diet, so I couldn’t even smell (or sip, hehe) the fresh coffee he usually makes.

The rainy season is starting here in Manila and a perfect cup of coffee would be, well, perfect. But Squish is already pretty active in my belly and I’m kind of worried about what more caffeine would do to him. Mikey’s been able to feel his movement with his hands for a while, but last night Squishy did one of his Street Fighter kicks and Mikey finally caught a clear glimpse of it! When I’m sitting in my cubicle, I sometimes see my ID (I wear it around my neck with a lanyard) jump up and down because of Squishy’s kicks. And one time at home, I was lying in bed and Squishy kicked my Winnie the Pooh shirt up! I can’t believe that this was the little thumping dot I saw three months ago! ❤

Today, Squishy has been with us for 23 weeks and 3 days! ❤ We have a few more weeks before the third trimester, but it’s going by really quickly. And the realities of a baby and how my day-to-day is going to change drastically are kind of sinking in.

I kind of had a taste of it last week when I didn’t go to work for a couple of days because of our Davao trip, Election Day, Mikey’s unexpected hospital confinement, and then the closure of the University for a staff outing. While everything seemed to be fine, I realized that towards the end of the “break” I had become kind of nutty. I was clingier and for some reason, I sought out more reassurance from my clueless husband. It was only when I got home from work on my first day back when I realized that I was back to normal (and that there was a normal that I had to get back to).

Work is pretty amazing that way! Not only does it help you pay the bills, but it also gives you a sense of purpose, self-efficacy, and self-esteem. And the idea of taking a hiatus from this comforting structure is kind of scary. Mikey jokes that after a few weeks in, he will come home to his wife shaking in a corner, eating her own hair, and whispering excel formulas. Hahaha. Maybe it will be a little adventure—trying to figure out what works for our little family.


One thought on “#CoffeeIsComing

  1. […] The Squishy Show! A few weeks ago, Squishy started really showing off! I would expose my belly at night and Mikey and I would marvel at the Squishy show. As he kicked, my belly would have these alien-like bumps! Sometimes at the office, my ID would start moving because of his kicks. It’s super cool. […]


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