I am a monster.

We were supposed to have our Doctor’s appointment last Thursday, but we asked to reschedule the appointment because of our misadventures last week. So yesterday, I went to the Doctor for the first time by myself! Mikey wanted to come along, but he couldn’t afford to miss any more work.

We weren’t expecting any big news this visit. It was just our regular monthly check-up and the doctor was supposed to explain the results of the Congenital Anomaly Scan (CAS). But, boy did we get big news.

I gained 10 pounds in one month. 😭 The nurse was so shocked that she made me check my weight twice. The Doctor was shocked too, but she explained that since I didn’t gain any weight in the first three months, the overall average weight gain was still within the normal range (about 4 pounds each month). She told me to try to keep it within the four pound range again this month. 😞

But still! 10 pounds! No more burgers or cupcakes or vanilla milkshakes for us, Squishy! I blame all the deliriously good food in Davao. I thought that it was okay to pig out because I was swimming a lot. Sigh. Oh well. 😞

Yesterday marked the beginning of our new and improved diet! Here’s what I had yesterday after the doctor’s visit:

  • Lunch: grilled chicken and one side serving of pesto (World’s Chicken)
  • Merienda: almond cream cheese pretzel sticks (Auntie Anne’s)
  • Dinner: Cesar’s salad and some of Mikey’s fries (TGIF)
  • Post-dinner: ¾ of Mikey’s peanut butter sandwich (I got really hungry after we watched Game of Thrones).

Wah. 10 pounds. I still can’t believe it.😱

But I suppose all of this really doesn’t matter because Squishy is doing great! ❤ The CAS results were great! Everything is where it’s supposed to be and everything is the right size. ❤ Squishy is a little over one pound! ❤ He might be arriving a little earlier than expected though. I’m scrambling to find the right play yard! Also, this is on my project list:


Mikey says we have to have one. 😅


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