What does it mean to have a boy?

When we found out that we were with Squishy, I think both of us primarily prayed for a healthy and happy baby in general. But we were also leaning towards hoping for a little girl. Mikey has his own reasons for hoping for a girl, but for me, little boys seemed scarier and more foreign (plus, I had this whole Gilmore Girls dream that I wanted to live out—sans the fatherless home).

As the pregnancy progressed and I fell more and more in love with Squishy, it became clear that it really didn’t matter as much. Besides, I now imagine that I’m carrying a mini-Mikey and from all of Lola’s stories about how he was as a little boy (walking around the mall as a little Ultimate Warrior, failed magic shows, and wowing school administrators by reading a pocketbook out loud at 4 years old), I’m super excited. 😍

But what does it mean to have a boy? How does it change our imagined parenting plan? Ideally, it shouldn’t change so much. We’re not big fans of gender stereotyping and we’d really like to focus on raising a kind, curious, purposeful, and loving child. But I suppose it’s more of a mystery to me and I guess that’s what makes it fun! (Gulp).

Our birthing plan is definitely changing though! Now that we know that Squishy is a little mister, we’re going to consult our doctor about having him circumcised while we’re at the hospital. Hehe. I read a couple of articles on the pros and cons of circumcision and it seems like it’s more of a cultural thing than anything health related. But Mikey says that we should do it so that it’s easier to clean (because without the circumcision, there would be more to clean) later on. And if we’re going to do it anyways, I really think we should do it when Squish won’t remember the pain.

Squishy’s kicking me as I type this. I wonder if it’s kicks of protest. 😅


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