The journey to the CAS (Part 2)

I was less emotional in the morning, but I was still anxious to be with Mikey. It was only when we arrived at St. Luke’s when the nervousness/excitement of the Congenital Anomaly Scan (CAS) came back. I suddenly remembered that we were going to finally going to know the gender (among other things) in a few minutes!

When we got to the Women’s Health Center, I signed up and in a few minutes, we were in the exam room. From the moment the ultrasound started until the very end, Lola was happy crying. Hehe. We have a video of the whole thing, and you could hear her sniffing and exclaiming “how cute!” the whole time! I love that we’re able to share these moments with Lola. She has so much love to give and Squishy will be drowning in kindness and affection. ❤

The Doctor took a bunch of measurements from the scan. I didn’t completely understand what she was doing, but she would point things out to as she went along.

Squishy doing Mr. Burns. ❤

It was so magical to see and feel my baby at the same time! I would see Squish move in the monitor and feel it in my tummy. ❤ And I have to say, our little Mr. Squishy takes after his father—he has no shame. Haha! Almost immediately after the scan started, he was showing off his jewels to three women in the room! Hehehe. Even before the doctor said it was a boy, I saw it and knew! ❤ That’s my son! My bold, unbashful little boy! ❤ Just like his father (oh no!).

FullSizeRender 2
It’s like he knew we were watching. ❤ (I’m assuming that’s his butt too. Hehe) 

Mikey called his mom in the middle of the scan but she said that she would let me reveal the gender after we were done. At the end of the scan (we saw his head, face, the cutest lips and nose, his kidney, his intestines, his strong spine, 10 little fingers, and 10 little toes), I called Mikey and told him that we were having a son! We both cried.

When we finally got back to Mikey’s room in Asian Hospital, we excitedly watched the video of the scan again. We laughed and we cried. We were watching our son! ❤

We were so happy, but after the watching the video again, Mikey said: “I don’t want to argue, but let me just put this out there—maybe a little girl one day? Let’s put it on the shelf?” Another Squishy? I can’t imagine!

That evening, Mikey’s doctor gave us good news too—he was being discharged the next day! His continuous diarrhea was probably because he would binge whenever he felt like it was gone. The doctor said that he needed to give his digestive system some time to recuperate (*cough*I told you so*cough*). So now, he’s on a no dairy, low fat diet.

It’s been three days since the CAS and I still watch the video over and over again in awe. We have a son! ❤ ❤ ❤


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