The journey to the CAS (Part 1)

For a few weeks now, we were so excited (and nervous) for the Congenital Anomaly Scan (CAS). But so many things happened leading up to the scan that we forgot to be nervous and excited until it was actually happening. Here’s our CAS journey.

We left for Davao last Thursday to celebrate Lola’s (Mikey’s mom) birthday. Mikey was still dealing with his diarrhea, but he was energetic and taking all of his medication. So we thought everything would be fine in a couple of days. We left Davao Sunday evening and landed in Manila in the wee hours of Monday (Election Day). We decided to sleep in Lola’s house because our voting sites were still in the South. After a couple of hours of sleep, we got up, had a wonderful breakfast, and left for my voting site.

It was confusing when I first got there. They had printed lists of voters and their corresponding rooms stapled on a bulletin board under the heat of the sun and everyone (including the senior citizens and PWDs) had to look through those lists. There was a lot of pushing and shoving. I felt vulnerable and strangely protective of my Squishy bump and I wanted to give up. After about 30 minutes of trying to figure things out by myself (looking through lists and visiting different rooms), I had to retreat back into the car to re-hydrate and make a new game plan with Mikey. When we finally sorted out my precinct number in the car, I went back to try again. Apparently, my voting room was on the second floor. As soon as I got there, they let me in the express lane because of my Squishy bump and I finished voting in less than 10 minutes! I was so excited to have finished voting, I didn’t notice all the indelible ink that had gotten all over me.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 1.04.21 PM
At least I didn’t get any on Squishy.

I was so glad that I got to vote with Squishy! It was really important. After I finished voting, it was Mikey’s turn. He dropped me off at Lola’s house and he went off to vote. I thought I wouldn’t see him for a few hours because the last time he voted, he was gone for the whole day. But he was back with his blue fingernail after 15 minutes. Apparently, there was no one in his precinct and he got to vote as soon as he arrived.

We had more time than we expected so Mikey and his Mom thought it would be a good time to visit the doctor for a check-up since he ran out of medicine and he still had diarrhea. They decided to go to the Emergency Room of Asian Hospital because the regular clinics were closed for the day. They dropped me off at a nearby mall so that I wouldn’t get exposed to anything potentially harmful in the ER.

After an hour or so in the mall, I received a call from Mikey who told me that the doctor wanted him to admit him for the night because he seemed dehydrated from the diarrhea. I was so sad and worried. At first, they wouldn’t let me come and visit but I think Lola saw how sad I was over dinner. She finally said that she thought it would be fine for me to come with them to deliver his clothes and snacks for his stay. I excitedly rushed through dinner and after a quick packing frenzy in Lola’s house, we were finally on our way back to Mikey! ❤

When we finally got to the hospital, I was relieved to see him. He looked exactly the same, except he had a dextrose line attached to the back of his hand. I asked him about the CAS that we had scheduled for the next day and if he wanted me to move it. He said that he didn’t want me to move it and Lola instantly volunteered to take me to my appointment.

We were pleasantly chitchatting about the election results when the doctor came in and asked Mikey a series of scary questions. He ended it by saying that they would run a bunch of tests to see what was happening. It was very difficult for me to hold back my tears (I’m not used to crying in front of anyone except Mikey). But Lola could tell and she tried to cheer me up by saying that I could sleep there the next day if Mikey needed to stay one more night. I felt much better after she said that.

On our way home, I tried preoccupying myself by engaging in election talk in the car. As soon as we got home, I excused myself for the evening, went to Mikey’s old bedroom, called Mikey and bawled. It was funny because I felt like Squishy could tell that I was sad. It was about 1AM when I was talking to Mikey and Squishy would join in and kick—it was like he was saying “Don’t worry! Papoop will be okay!”


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