Swimmy Squishy

I was a little nervous about swimming. Even if I read that swimming is actually a great form of exercise for expectant moms, I was hesitant because I was stupidly worried that Squishy might get too cold in the pool. πŸ˜… On top of that, my disastrous attempt to put on my old one-piece swimsuit (I’ve had it for about three years) was disheartening. πŸ˜“ I was hoping that it would still fit, because, you know, spandex. And while I got the suit all the way to my waist, it kinda stopped there. 😞 I literally looked like Andre the Giant:


At first I thought it was the perfect excuse not to swim. I was prepared for a holiday of music listening and reading by the beach. But Mikey encouraged me to get new swimwear for the trip (“just so you have the option”) and I’m so glad I did!

The naturally shaded infinity pool in Chema’sΒ is actually filled with sea water so I don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals used to treat the water. They also clean it regularly so I also don’t have to worry about sea creatures/plants floating around.


The water was still kind of chilly, but acclimating is always fun. It’s actually quite relaxing to float around the water with my big belly. It makes me feel like my old self again because I’m so mobile in the water! Also, Squishy seems to enjoy it tooβ€”I felt his/her kicks while I floated like a whale. πŸ˜… And an added bonus: the food is glorious here in Chema’s. Swimming all day makes me less guilty about all the eating. πŸ˜…

We can’t wait to bring Squishy here (post uterus living)! Mikey wants to teach Squishy how to swim, just like his dad taught him. ❀️


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