We love you Sabado!

This week, Squishy is supposed to have developed taste buds! As Squishy gulps amniotic fluid, he/she will taste the food that I’ve eaten. In a couple of articles, I read that if you expose your baby to certain flavors prenatally, there’s a greater chance that your baby will enjoy these flavors later on.

So, on Squishy’s first day with taste buds (happy 21 weeks, Squishster!), I had Jollibee for lunch!


I ordered cheese fries, a 2-piece burger steak, and the infamous deranged spaghetti. I was supposed to have the spaghetti for breakfast, but I was still full from the Enfamama and fries. So I decided to save it for merienda. When it was time for lunch, I gobbled up my burger steak and it was quite good! I wish I had some hot sauce though. I was about 60% full when I started the internal spaghetti debate: should I have it now or save if for later? After a few minutes, I decided to just go for it. Yes, I am a monster. But I think it was worth it because Squishy was dancing all over the place after the spaghetti (and I really enjoyed it— like, my soul was singing with each bite).

Mikey and I often wonder about Squishy and food. Food plays a very important role in our lives. And, while I can’t match Mikey’s love for food, I appreciate a good meal and I understand how it can be a religious experience (especially now). We hope that Squishy will like the whole spectrum of foods—from Jollibee spaghetti to foie gras. ❤

We’re so excited to see Squishy! Unfortunately, the Women’s Health Center of St. Luke’s just informed us that they may be closed on Election Day. So our Congenital Anomaly Scan may get pushed to the next day. 😦 Oh well. At least they all get to vote. One more extra day to wait until we get to see Squishy again. ❤


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