Mikey’s sick this week. He has a really bad case of diarrhea and he hasn’t been able to keep anything in for a while. Mikey without food is like one of those dancing sky dancers without air. He looses all hope and becomes a bed potato. Poor guy. He’s been such a great leader of our little family and has taken over a lot of the work at home since we found out about Squishy. He was so guilty and sad about not being able to take care of me this week. </3

While I would not wish this brand of diarrhea on anyone, it’s actually perfectly timing because I’m in my second trimester and I really feel like my old self again! House work doesn’t tire me and I can actually be out walking all day and not feel exhausted by nighttime. It’s also our summer break at the University. And while I do have to go to work regularly, things have slowed down a bit because everyone’s on vacation, so I don’t feel so bad when I work from home every now and then. So, even with a man down, we’re managing well.

We also have back up! My mom brought us food so that I didn’t really have to do any heavy cooking for two days. Today, we hung out at Mikey’s mom’s house and his childhood helper made him a hearty bowl of arroz caldo (I need to learn how to make this! I think Squishy would love this on sick days too). She also gave him apple slices. We’re so grateful for our mothers. ❤

But I really wished I learned how to drive before getting pregnant. A few nights ago, Mikey was feeling so horrible that I thought we might need to bring him to the Emergency Room. He was so weak that there was no way he could drive properly. We could have taken an Uber, but I was annoyed that we had a perfectly good car and we wouldn’t be able to use it without Mikey. Thank goodness his tummy calmed down after a while.

I am now more motivated to learn how to drive in 2017. For the longest time, it’s been easy for me to shrug off learning to drive because I could easily hop on a bus or the train. I don’t think it will be that easy with a Squishy in tow. It would be so cool if I could drive Mikey to work in the morning with Squishy in the back seat, spend the day visiting his/her grandmothers, pick Mikey up, and go home together. ❤


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