Maybe we’ll have a panda bear.

During our first doctor’s visit, the doctor warned us about pregnancy-related folk beliefs here in the Philippines. Apparently, one of the prevalent beliefs here is if you eat dark colored foods, your baby would come out dark. She then said: “both of you are on the fair side, so I’m confident that your baby will come out fair.” That made Mikey’s month. He kept saying that science was on his side and he is fair and not dark.

Honestly, he isn’t that dark. But next to me, a lot of things look dark. I could be Conan O’Brien‘s sidekick-to-the-sidekick on Pale Force. I’m on the super light side of the spectrum and Mikey’s kind of in the middle. But he has been darker recently because summer is ridiculous here in Manila. It’s so hot that walking to our parked car from our condo lobby makes him a shade darker. So lately, Mikey has been sporting a deep fried sweaty pork bun look.

When I imagine what Squishy might look like, for some reason, I always see a little girl or a little boy that looks like a tiny Mikey. Mikey’s imagined Squishy changes from a little me to a little him, depending on our imagined scenario of the day. But maybe, given our current hues, we’ll have a little panda bear! It’s only logical:

Image from Pinterest
Image from Rebloggy

I love pandas. ❤ Squishy is 20 weeks and 1 day old today! ❤ We’re going to see our little kicker (and his/her genitalia) in 12 days! We’re very excited! 😀



2 thoughts on “Maybe we’ll have a panda bear.

  1. Watch ” We Bare Bears”! hahaha its this new cartoon from cartoon network about a panda, a polar bear and a grizzly bear. Its really cute heehee


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