The Anatomy of a Squishy

I’ve been doodling Squishies for a really long time. Even before there was an actual Squishy, when I would need to zone out after checking a bunch of papers, I would open my planner and start doodling a floating siopao head. Some times he had a body (he would wear overalls or a bowtie).

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 11.26.14 PM.png

For a long time, his name was Siopao Man. I always thought siopaos were the cutest pastries—they’re round, fluffy, and smooth. Hehe.

When I decided to start the blog, I asked Mikey to help me come up with my header and I immediately thought of Mr. Siopao Man. Capturing the essence of Squishy, I thought it was the perfect doodle for the blog. So now, we call it a Squishy. Hehe. Here’s a Squishy up close:

Squishy head

As you can see, a standard Squishy has a large bun-ny face, with two dots for eyes, and a small, but unmistakable smile. A standard Squishy also has three prongs on top of its head. Looking at it now, Squishy looks more like a Xiao Long Bao doodle than a Siopao. Oh well!

We’re two days away from Week 20! ❤ And Squishy’s been kicking up a storm! When we first started feeling his/her kicks, we would only feel it at night when I was still and lying down. Now, Squishy kind of kicks throughout the day! When I’m in bed half-asleep and about to wake up, when sitting in the car, or when I’m sitting in my cubicle at work. With each kick, I imagine Squishy trying to get my attention or reminding me that he/she is there. I’m such a sap! Whenever it happens, it’s like nothing else matters. It’s absolutely wonderful. ❤


5 thoughts on “The Anatomy of a Squishy

  1. The first time I saw this (your previous header), I actually thought it was an onion. And that you used an onion because you were crying all the time! 😅 It wasn’t until the new header that I realized it was a squishy! Haha!!! 😅😅😇 -Camille


  2. The Xiao Long Bao actually makes sense too because theres that surprise of a squish after you bite into one. But when I first saw it, I thought it really looked like a tiny version of all those Mikey doodles you’d post, but instead of the beard on the chin, the lil grass-like patch was now on the head hahaha.


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