Well, Mikey got Squishy’s gear. I didn’t have very much to do with it. Mikey did all the research and the window shopping.

Almost all of the things we need/want for Squishy here is 30-70% more expensive compared to its counterpart in the US. For instance, during our last trip, I was able to visit the Carter’s outlet store in Wrentham and I found 5-piece onesie sets for $10.00! Here, a Carter’s 3 piece onesie set would cost about $21.00 in our local shops and department stores. It’s kind of nuts. Even at full price, it’s so much cheaper over there. It’s the same thing with everything else: breast pumps, playpens, toys, strollers, cribs, etc.

I keep telling Mikey that our trip has ruined me forever. Now, I can’t get outlet store prices out of my head and EVERYTHING here seems so expensive (even though Mikey and his Mom keeps reminding me that a plane ticket would cost much more than the difference that I would be paying).

Anyhoo, back to Squishy’s gear. A good friend of ours gave us a really great tip: shop with local online sellers! Here in the Philippines, we have a bunch of online stores that sell authentic and branded baby items that are still pricier than the US price, but substantially cheaper than our local shops. The only drawback is that there’s usually no warranty with the product. But most online sellers are open to exchanges in case there’s something wrong with the product on the onset.

Mikey found Squishy’s Graco Verb Click Connect Travel system from the online store Mommy Says Ph. He chose this travel system because  of the following reasons (Mikey’s comments in parenthesis):

  • it looks nice — it’s yellow, black, and grey (“Like Bumblebee, or the NXT logo!”)
  • it has suspension on its wheels for a smoother ride
  • it has one-hand and one-step fold
  • it’s lightweight (“Which matters because I’m the one who will carry it most of the time…”)
  • the car seat comes with a car base
  • the car seat easily clicks right into the stroller (“Clicks are good! They reassure momma. And lola. And me.”)

Mikey was so excited to assemble it. And it took him about 15 minutes to put everything together!


And I tried the finished product and it seemed easy enough to wheel around. Hooray for our first big purchase! ❤ We’re so happy!

Apart from Mommy Says, here are some other local online stores that we regularly visit:

Now we need to get serious about a playpen.


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