Lola loves Squishy

Lola is Filipino for grandmother. Squishy will be calling Mikey’s mom Lola. Lola loves Squishy already. ❤ We spent the evening with her last night because she’s going on a trip soon and we won’t see her for a couple of weeks. Here are some things that happened last night while we were window shopping:

Mikey: We need to get a stroller with good suspension and wheels.
The Lola: We need to get a travel system that clicks! Clicks make the Lola feel better!
Me: Let’s just get this one! It’s so cheap!
*Mikey and the Lola ignore me*

The Lola: You need to consider how big it is also. It’s hard if it’s too big.
Mikey: Yeah, imagine going into a restaurant with this huge stroller. Like the tiny Mary Grace in Aura. It would be so hard.
Me (quietly to Mikey): You’re so cute. You think we’ll still go to restaurants.
The Lola: Of course we’ll go to restaurants! We’ll go to all the restaurants!

The Lola (looking at a co-sleeper): I like this one! We must get this one.
Me: Oh, but that one will only last for a few months. I’ve seen a few co-sleepers online that are also playpens. It’s even cheaper than that! Maybe we’ll get that.
The Lola: Yes, because the baby must always be with you in your room.
Mikey: Yeah, for the first year definitely! Then we’ll lock the baby in the storage room in the kitchen. We’ll get a baby monitor.
The Lola: You stay in the storage room! My apo will have the master’s bedroom.

Me: Mommy, you should go to Royce, pretend to be interested, and wait for them to offer free samples! It’s really good! Mikey and I did it already a while ago, so we’ll hide while you do it. They might recognize us.
*5 minutes later: we leave Royce with a box of chocolates*


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