I am a we

On Saturday, I woke up really early to pee. It was about 5:00 AM and I was wide awake. I didn’t feel tired or groggy. In fact, I played a couple of games on my iPad before trying to fall asleep again. While I was playing, I was talking to Squishy:

“Squish, what are we going to do today? Papoop has work and we have a whole morning to ourselves.”

And then I realized that I was talking to myself. And I’m a we! For 4 more months and 2 weeks (or so), I am I we! I’ve never been a we where it’s just me. It’s mind boggling in a really wonderful way. ❤

In other news, Squishy’s kicks are more frequent and getting stronger! Mikey has now rejected my Squisherina theory. He now sees Squishy as a martial arts aficionado:



P.S. Vanilla milkshakes are the enemy.


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