Thanksgiving Pants update (it rained!)

Over a week ago, I wrote about my need for maternity clothes.

Last Sunday (a mere three days after I blogged about it), my cousin-in-law handed me a bag full of her maternity clothes.  Her yummy baby is around 6 months old now and she’s almost back to her original figure. Our body frames are quite different (she’s petite, I’m…um…not) so I couldn’t use everything she lent me. But there were a couple of pieces that will be very useful. I was so grateful!

On Tuesday, my Mom unexpectedly dropped by to give me a dress and two new pairs of maternity pants from the SM maternity line. I thought she was just going to bring us food (she did drop off a bag of bread with the clothes). It was perfect! The pants fit perfectly and I’m now in stretchy heaven!

On Wednesday, we called up Mikey’s Mom to update her after our doctor’s visit (this is one of our traditions, I text my mom updates and Mikey calls up his mom). We were all in the same area, so she invited us to have lunch with her. I ended up spending the day with her. We were supposed to run errands, but she decided to take me shopping for non-maternity maternity clothes (clothes that aren’t actually maternity clothes but are loose enough for my growing belly) in H&M! And these are the kinds of clothes I really wanted to buy, because I’d really like to be able to use them after I give birth.

Packing away clothes that don’t fit. See you in October, guys!


UH-MAY-ZING. I’m 99.99% sure that they don’t read my blog. Maybe they felt bad for me when wore my owl pajama pants when I went out a few weeks ago. Hehe. But yay! I don’t have to go shopping for maternity clothes anymore! 😀 And less shopping for me means more for Squishy! ❤  Maybe we can even get Sophie the Giraffe now. Hehehe.


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