More than coffee or sushi

We had our monthly doctor’s appointment yesterday and it went by quickly! I think we were in her office for less than 15 minutes. We spent more time in the waiting room! And that’s a good thing because everything is great so far! ❤

I like to get to the hospital at least one hour before the doctor is scheduled to come in because I’m anal that way and because I like being the first one in and out of her office. Since our doctor was scheduled to come in at 11 AM yesterday, we arrived at around 9:45 AM.

The first thing we do is head to the HMO help desk to get our consultation approved. This normally doesn’t take too long, but yesterday, there was a bit of a line so I asked Mikey to go to the Doctor’s office to tell her assistant/nurse that we’re here and that we’re just getting the HMO approval (subtext: please list us down as the first who arrived!). Thankfully, we were the first who arrived! So after giving the nurse the approval, we had some time for a quick breakfast.

At this point, St. Luke’s BGC already feels like familiar territory. They have a small Mary Grace Café, Bizu, Via Mare, and a canteen. We had plenty to choose from, but I wasn’t really hungry. Mikey already had hotdog and rice on our way to the hospital (I fed him while he was driving).  But I was really motivated by my 4-pound homework (our scale at home was broken, so I had no clue how much I gained in the last four weeks). We ended up sharing a skinless longanisa breakfast from their canteen.

At around 10:30, we head back to the doctor’s office. The nurse prepares the electronic weighing scale and I nervously step on to it. First try: ERROR. Second try: XXX lbs (sorry, my weight is very embarrassing right now 😅 ). Hooray! I gained 5.4 pounds! I would like to thank the following for all the success we’ve had this month:


Maybe I should have skipped the longanisa breakfast after all. 😅

Soon after that, the doctor arrived and we were asked to go into her office. After exchanging pleasantries, I was escorted into her little examination room where she brought out the Doppler. She put some jelly on my belly and explained that at 18 weeks, Squishy would be found in somewhere in my lower tummy (the whole lower area beneath my belly button). In a few seconds, we heard the heartbeat: thump-thump-thump-thump! It happened so fast that Mikey only caught the end of it on video! It was so loud, strong, and kind of fast! Hearing Squishy’s heartbeat is one bajillion times better than the best cup of coffee or a plate of super fresh sushi! 😀

The doctor asked for guesses and she said, “hmmmm, maybe a girl?” I said that I thought it would be a boy because my tummy is so hairy all of a sudden 😱. She just laughed and said that it had nothing to do with it. 😅

The doctor scheduled a congenital anomaly scan where, among other things, we can find out the gender of the baby! ❤ It’s scheduled on election day (May 9)! 😱 We’re really excited to find out if it’s a Squishette or a Squishster! And an added bonus: since it’s scheduled first thing in the morning on a non-work day, we get to bring Lola with us to meet Squishy for the first time AND there should be more than enough time to vote! 😀 ❤


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