By week 16, Squishy has already developed ears and as we enter into week 17 (tomorrow!), Squishy will be exhibiting the startle reflex when he/she hears loud noises!

Fetal movements become perceivable by the mother from week 16-25. For a first time mom, it may be closer to week 25 and for moms who aren’t new to the rodeo, they may feel it as early as week 13. These sensations are called quickenings and are often described as butterfly flutters or nervous twitches. I call them bubbles. It feels like there are bubbles in my belly. I can’t be too sure if it’s Squishy or gas, but it’s been happening often and when I lay really still, I can feel the grumblings with my hand. ❤️

Tonight, as I lounged on the couch with WrestleMania 32 in the background, I started to notice the bubbles when we would hear certain entrance theme songs (Undertaker, Kane, and Triple H)! Even Mikey said he thought he could feel it. He says that it could be the bass of the music. It could also have been the two slices of pizza, Charlie Chan, and bihon that I ate. Hehehe.

Whatever it was, I can’t wait for full blown kicks! ❤️

For now, we must educate Squishy:

These are the legends: Mick Foley, HBK, and Austin. NOT Triple H.

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